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 Post subject: Day 13: Boar 9th, 500 (Dec 21th+)
PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 1:54 am 
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The weather on the island is repetitively predictable: sunny, warm toward hot and quite humid throughout the day, with breezes and winds coming down from Mount Kappa regulating it in favour of bearability, though the vents, both inland and undersea, have been acting up a bit. Bearability is less guaranteed inland, especially in the jungles. Usually there is a light drizzle around midday, but unless there is a storm clouds almost never cover most of the skies.

The moon is waxing gibbous, a few days before full moon.

The expedition north was two days ago, and the following day, Boar 8th, was spent on recuperation, remaining of the ships and on repairs ahead of imminent departure of the Imperial Explorers from Kameyama Jima.

Today is a more festive day. Before the evening the Temple of Sadahako is officially opened for religious service. The first ceremony planned is the wedding of the Tortoise Champion Muhaki Saionji and his vassal Muhaki Berena, followed by the celebrations of the Festival of the River of Stars. While in the past it was under-celebrated in the West Port and virtually unknown in the East Port, the last two days were spent by Doji Tsugiko on altering this state of affairs and now all the stakeholders seem to agree that it is a fine idea to celebrate romantic notions this way. There will be fireworks and fairs, concerts in the Painted Square, street entertainers all across the Hoof, guild parades in La Nueva Esperanza and all-you-can-eat-and-drink hours in restaurants all across the island, long into the night.


This is the last IC day of the game; it's meant for wrap-ups of various kinds, but normal role-playing will still happen as would finishers for personal plots, so it's not a day of light RP. As the Day 12 resolution is not yet fully known, the roleplaying should be initially planned with that in mind. The day has no definite end, but all plot-relevant issues are best resolved within the course of 5-7 days. After Christmas we move into postgame resolutions, most notably: Bets!


This is also the last day of session; you receive the last batch of sessional xp, effective postgame.


Due to off-screen day (Boar 8th) all PCs are considered fully healed, mostly thanks to resting during a day off, and Yajinden.


All active players should be declaring in their PFs whether they are sailing east to Merenae/Tarkhanate, west to Rokugan. The first group is eligible to participate in IH3. The second group is eligible to participate in IH4. There is an option to stay on the Island but it means retiring character until they can take part in IH5.


Please use the time before the Bets to get your sheets in order with all the expenditures and other changes that have occured in the course of the game. Your VIP Counts and VIP-generating features are most important on the list of updates.

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