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 Post subject: Day 12: Boar 7th, 500 (Dec 10th+)
PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 5:27 pm 
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The weather on the island is repetitively predictable: sunny, warm toward hot and quite humid throughout the day, with breezes and winds coming down from Mount Kappa regulating it in favour of bearability, though the vents, both inland and undersea, have been acting up a bit. Bearability is less guaranteed inland, especially in the jungles. Usually there is a light drizzle around midday, but unless there is a storm clouds almost never cover most of the skies.

The moon is gibbous.

The expedition north is today. It begins at noon. All seaworthy hands on decks by then. EM and LM threads can be made as normal, but beyond that all who join the expedition are not present on Kameyama Jima until the next day.



+2.9 (Tentative Cordiality).

The denizens of Kameyama Jima have mostly dropped their wariness toward the Explorers and their presence grows on them. As both sides adapt to each other, co-existence is more peaceful and fruitful. People in both ports pick up Rokugani words and customs, repaying cultural sensitivity with the same coin. All Social and Commerce rolls targeting the inhabitants of the island have TNs lowered by 2. All prices are as printed though discounts happen and haggling is still expected.

Servant with a foreign background costs 2 xp less. As long as you're fine with a cosmopolitan team, for every 8 Duty Points spent on Crew features while recruiting or exchanging your crew 1 Duty Point is returned.

Tension is not rolled for this session. This is the final score for the game from this mechanics. The final result can still be affected by developments during the last session.


New Session

Sessional mechanics refresh. Squadron actions need to be coordinated with the fleet effort.



Retribution & Royal Bounty, Part I [EA]
Return to the Skull Island [EA]
Retribution and Royal Bounty, Part II
Trials of the Soul [EN-LN]

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