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 Post subject: [D-2 E] No Smoke For Tristan
PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:10 am 
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Tristan sneezed and Akaichou coughed as they passed a place known as The Flying Carpet. There were times when she’d had to endure the smoke with grace in order to carry out her duties unobtrusively, but it was not something she cared for or would force her dog into. She was making her way past the entrance when a little girl cried, “Puppy!!”

This was a port city so there were many languages spoken here. However she doubted many were truly fluent in any but their own. She stepped out of the doorway and the bulk of the smoke before lowering herself to the girl’s height. “It’s okay. Would you like to say hello?” Akaichou asked.

The girl looked surprised to hear her mother tongue before nodding and coming over to pet the now recovered Papillon. “What’s his name?” she asked with a light behind her eyes. “His name is Tristan.”

She was visiting with the girl before her father appeared from the establishment, consternation visible. When he saw his daughter and what she had found he couldn’t help but smile. He bowed slightly. “Thank you fight brush purple.” He was attempting Mekhem, obviously assuming it was her language, or perhaps using the only one he knew outside of Merenaese.

To her credit she didn’t laugh. Before she could reply, the girl did for her. “She speaks Merenaese, Father.”

Akaichou watched his eyes go wide at the same time she heard the voices of three men coming out behind him. “Yes, but where are we to find a translator at this hour? Would it even be worth it? It’s not as though his wares are the best, just the least costly.”

Now that she looked, he and his daughter were not dressed as finely as the other three. This was perhaps a deal that his family needed. Needing to hear no more, she stood recognizing the all too familiar situation. “Forgive me, gentlemen. I can translate, with your permission.” The three stopped and turned around.

Akaichou bowed in the direction of all four after which she made eye contact with the father of the young girl who Tristan seemed to be enjoying. “Would you permit me to translate for you?”

After a few moments she found herself braving the smoke. “Please, take good care of Tristan for me until we get back.” She told the little girl with a genuine smile.

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