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 Post subject: Not Happened!
PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 10:49 pm 
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We play at the turn of the 5th and 6th century, and in an altered setting. A list of all things that we often take for granted when playing in these games may not have happened because it's either too early or things have gone different. This thread will be updated as new concerns of the kind will be revealed.

1. A number of Minor Clans, nor the demise of the Boar! Current list of existing Minor Clans is Badger, Boar, Centipede, Fox, Mantis, Sparrow, Tortoise. Two of them have different family names than you may be used to. In this century the Mantis carry the family name of Gusai, while the Tortoise: Muhaki, because Agasha Kasuga did not convince Hantei Yugozohime about the merit of opening to the gaijin ways and was asked to perform three cuts, whereas her uncle Muhaki ultimately did. The Minor Clans that haven't happened yet are: the Hare, the Dragonfly, the Falcon or the Wasp, nor the Oriole or the Ox. However, the Tsi family is a vassal family within the Boar Clan. The Snake Clan was wiped out in the last century, so some descendants of the Chuda may still be living among other Clans or as ronin.

2. Iuchiban and the Bloodspeakers! They're not a thing now. Maho-tsukai festering in the Empire are not organised, each mostly acting on their own, and they're mostly at low levels of their witchcraft because advanced maho is simply not easily available.

3. Cremation as a universal practice! It's known, but mostly applied to unimportant people. The important ones get a burial in the mounds called kofun, as has ever been the proper tradition. Since the Battle of Stolen Graves has not happened and may not happen at all, there is no significant reason to endorse cremation Empire-wide.

4. The Carpenter Wall! There are various fortifications, but the strategic perimeter is not walled in itself and is much more to the south than Twilight Mountains, in the axis of Shiro Hiruma. Which means the Crab lands extend farther to the south and the frontline is not on most other Crab fortresses in the Twilight Mountains line. The Kuni lands are grassy and green, and the family not as morbid and reclusive as it is in later timelines.

5. Haiku as a traditional form of poetry! It's actually a sign of modernity. Until recently ever amateur of verse had been doing at least waka (5-7-5-7-7) as far as length is concerned. It's actually a recent Crane invention, or rather - authorisation - for the 5-7-5 form may have been known, just considered very frivolous and unfit for social settings (like in doing a haiku was a Low Skill). Even now, haiku can be considered 'talking dirty', like limericks.

6. Seafaring from Rokugan! (for anyone except the Tortoise and the Mantis) As of year 500, all other players in maritime domain, the Crane, the Crab, the Centipede, the Phoenix have only white water (littoral) navies, if anything. The new Imperial Navy vessels which are taken on their First Voyage this year are a special case.

7. Imperial ban on gunpowder weapons and use of it! Even if the Emerald Office under current Emerald Champion Doji Shioden is rather hostile toward it, and many in Rokugan shun it on various grounds, possession of personal firearms and small amounts of gunpowder is not an Imperial Crime.

8. Ryoko Owari as a big city! Believe it or not, it's been founded in 470s so right now it's still little more than a border trading town. Certainly not a symbol of anything. In Scorpion lands, Beiden is much bigger and more commercially vital. Otosan Uchi is the biggest and most populous, even not counting the four suburban Hubs, followed by major Crane and Crab port cities.

9. Unification of the Unicorn for the Battle with the Shadow! The Ide and the Moto did not receive the call because their part of the Blessed Mirror had been lost, and remained in the West where they eventually founded and expanded the Tarkhanate. The failed attempt to save Kami Shinjo cost the emergent Unicorn Clan under Yonaru many lives, including most of the Otaku family. As a result, the remnants were given vassal family status under the Shinjo as the Naoko (unified with the Marta) and the Hyuga. The Naoko play a significant role in the Clan and enjoy special privileges, they may even be a standalone Family one day. Battle Maiden tradition survived among them, but was transformed by Ujik-hai identity taking over from the moral codes of old homeland.

10. Acute Dragon isolationism! Actually, it's a time of significant openness and proactivism for the Dragon Clan, especially for the innovation-seeking Agasha, or some of the Mirumoto and the Togashi who are ready to engage foreign philosophical ideas. Penetrating the Dragon lands is still not easy, but not impossible, though most interaction and trade happens at settlements near the border. Since neither the Dragonfly nor the Kitsuki yet exist it is the Mirumoto who conduct most of the diplomacy and trade.

11. Magic as a widely accepted social practice! Imperial Edicts of Hantei the Ninth have heavily restricted magical practices of the shugenja across the Empire. Casting spells casually in public is considered at least a Minor Breach of Etiquette. Shugenja are banned from learning and membership in Imperial institutions except in the Jade Office and since recently - among the Imperial Explorers. Shugenja are as a rule banned from attending the Imperial Court. The shugenja are expected to practice their rites without calling upon the kami.

12. Council of Five at the helm of the Phoenix Clan! In the wake of the above Imperial Edicts the Isawa turned away from Rokugan and secluded their activities in the north from interference from both other Phoenix and the wider Empire. The Elemental Council dissolved and new Isawa leadership emerged as the so-called Hidden Masters who have severed contact with the rest of the Phoenix and have remained anonymous. Whatever those activities are, they have caused a famine in the Isawa provinces and a following refugee crisis that is adversely affecting the part of the Phoenix Clan loyal to the Throne. The Phoenix Clan Champion is the recognised authority over the sundered Clan.

13. Tea of Jade Petals! It wasn't invented until Kuni Mokuna in 10-11th century.

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