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Author:  Muhaki Berena [ Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:38 am ]
Post subject:  L5R Heresy Universe: Otosan Uchi

So here in the next few weeks we'll be starting up the next installment of the Heresy universe's game based off of the 'Heresy of the Five Rings' storyline in Imperial Histories 2.

For the upcoming game I'll put some general information here with a link to the new forum coming eventually.


The basic premise underlying the game is that a great many members of the various clans are gathering as a result of the Emperor's desire to be wed has been made public. The Doji family, perennial spouses of the Emperors, succeeded in establishing a monopoly over the possible brides. Many delegates and their associates flock to the capital to ascertain who these women are and seek for ways to secure valuable agreements with powerful individuals on behalf of their clan. While it is not as formal as a Winter Court of the Emperor, this event draws the attention of all the eyes of Rokugan.

We'll be trying a slight variation on events this time around. There'll be a 'main' series of events centered around picking the emperor's bride. Additionally there'll be event chains that show up every couple of days that have little to do with that main thrust but instead offer some different flavors of the Capital. Players will have the opportunity to commit themselves to one of these event chains, which will give them priority placement in any event that fits that chain.... to the tune of a 24 hour headstart over the rest of the players that are not committed to that chain.

The titles of these chains include (and are not limited to):

Bloodspeaker Remnants

Yakuza Rising

Spirit Realm Problems

Kolat Acquisitions

The Oracle's Choice.

Clan Cultural Exhibitions

The intent is to provide some options to the gameplay besides the standard Courtier type vying for influence that will be highlighted in the main storyline. This is a bit of an experiment... but Otosan Uchi is a big place and we hope to provide some of the different shades of the capital in a way that would fit in with some standard character types that exist in the setting.

Author:  Muhaki Berena [ Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: L5R Heresy Universe: Otosan Uchi

The Candidates:

Doji Kanekoshiko


This 'flower' of Doji maidenhood is the one with the best bloodlines of any of them, descended from three of the previous Emperors, and a sister of the current Doji Champion. She is also about 220 lbs of womanhood. Not because she isn't active; she's simply built like a sumo wrestler. She has never been known to be seen frequently at most social gatherings, though she is, in fact, known to like the Sumo matches.

Doji Akumeko


A recent widow, She is a proven mother, having two children already, by her previous husband. She was a last minute addition to the listing of potential brides, as her husband was alive till recently. He seemed to pass suddenly, struck down by the kami in the middle of a conversation. She is known to be highly involved in politics, and to be a highly agreeable person.

Doji Kumihime


This particular bride-candidate was a beauty famed far and wide; that is, before she was caught in an ambush among her Daidoji cousin's little civil war. She still has impeccable breeding, and bloodlines, but her face is now scarred, and will never live up to is past reputation. She is the most spiteful and unfriendly of the possible brides.

Doji Mihatoko


This woman, who is plain of appearance, is the least as far as bloodlines go. She does, however, have many, many connections which have allowed her to get her name in connection. She is somewhat of a mysterious dark horse, with her motivations and tastes largely unknown.

Doji Sumiko


This woman is probably the most beautiful of the possible brides since the scarring of Kumihime. She is friendly and polite to all, a well trained Doji maiden. Sadly, that is all she has to fall back on, as she is also the dimmest of the candidates. She is a bubblehead, taking weeks to implant any idea into her head. She doesn't think much about the Gorinno situation, but seems to feel he might be right (he's the famous kimono designer, right? He must be right!).

Author:  Muhaki Berena [ Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: L5R Heresy Universe: Otosan Uchi

Some Returning Faces:


Otomo Sadako- Appointed Negotiator by the Emperor (Otomo Daimyo Hatamoto, 7.5)

Otomo Sadako is an austere and intimidating woman. She has served as the chief advisor to the Otomo Daimyo since the beginning of the ‘imbalance.’ She is known widely throughout the court as constantly advising in favor of a measured approach to the issue with the Hawk. Her widely known stance in favor of neutrality led to her appointment over this important mission. She is a well-connected woman who has few rivals (…left in the capital). She is well-trained in many of the finer arts of debate, oratory, and sadane. She gets the final say in any official matter that need be negotiated with the Imperials. Those who attempt to subvert her attempts to minimize complications, or discreetly attempt to avoid her gaze will find that she is not easily avoided and her vengeance cannot be extinguished without price.

(Sadako may not be taken as an Ally.)



Seppun Haruka- Commander of the 3rd Imperial Legion (Rikugunshokan, 7.0)

Seppun Haruka is an exceptional young woman and younger sister of the Seppun Daimyo. While much of her training was done in the school of her family, Haruka also travelled throughout the Empire as a child to partake in training from several private sensei from each of the great clans. She rose through the ranks of the Imperial Legions at an impressive rate, increased by the misfortune of the recent past. Haruka is a serious and focused woman. She has a mind for strategy and logistics but also maintains a high sense of personal honor and direction. She has been known to be quite vocal in her disdain for any philosophical talk that threatens the peace of the Empire. She is trusted by many, but trusts few in return. She volunteered herself to be the court’s military liaison to the battle, feeling that only she could correct the problems that were sure to emerge in a conflict of such importance.

(Haruka may be taken as an Influence 4, Devotion 1 Ally with justification, or as a Devotion 2 Ally by members of the Imperial Legions and/or Seppun family... with proper justification.)



Miya Sadaie- Imperial Kurodo (Miya Daimyo Karō, 5.5)

Miya Sadaie has been appointed by the Emperor to attend the festival and officiate all competitions of goodwill. Sadaie is known for being a master of games in the capital. His exploits in the court’s kemari tournaments are well-known by anyone who has an interest in such things. He is well versed on the current sumo scene, and has recorded many of the most important matches in recent days. He is a generally approachable and kind individual. He speaks with clarity and purpose, being trained in the school of his family and having spent several years as an Imperial herald in his younger days. Sadaie is known to have a great amount of interest in the philosophy of the Five Rings and pays special attention to any news related to violence that has emerged during the past several years. While his views are not widely known, Gorinno is rumored to have spent time in the capital discussing the philosophy personally with the Miya official.

(Sadaie may be taken as an Influence 2, Devotion 1 or 2 Ally by all members of the Hawk clan, or Ronin characters with proper justification.)



Otomo Nachi- Imperial Matchmaker (Imperial Nakodo, 5.5)

Otomo Nachi is a newly appointed Nakodo. She spent much of her career in the various courts of the empire. She is known for being a quiet and well-mannered woman. There have been very few rumors of her or her exploits until very recently. Many were surprised at her sudden rise to an important position, but anyone who deals with her personally will soon find she is quite suited to the role. Nachi was married at a young age and already has two children in school who are excelling in their studies. She has been sent to primarily begin looking for potential spouses for Bayushi Mashiko, but her attention is also drawn to any who may show potential in this battle or the festival. She is known to be an excellent musician and conversationalist.

(Otomo Nachi may not be taken as an Ally.)



Kitsune Sayuri- Minor Clan Ambassador (Kitsune Daimyo Karo, 5.0)

Kitsune (nee Asako) Sayuri was born and grew up in the City of Tears. Her mother was a renown historian and diplomat from the Asako family and her father a Fire Tensai with a personality that matched his elemental abilities. She was admitted into the Isawa Shugenja School and found a measure of success in both Air and Water elements. Unlike her father however, she chose to focus her talents on the less martial uses for the kami. She married into the Fox Clan after the events of the Shiro Kuni game. She is a renown historian and one of the caretakers of the Fox Clan's legendary library.

Sayuri’s appearance is quite appealing, she has all the correct proportions to make her highly desirable. If one ran into her in a snow storm and she was wearing white, she may very well be mistaken for a Yuki Onna. She has an alabaster complexion and is often physically cold to the touch. She enjoys ice and manipulating the water kami in it to create unique art. She has spent the last year in Fox Lands and the Imperial capital acting as a voice for the Fox clan towards the other Minor Clans and building a consensus concerning the Hawk issue. She was the individual responsible for the idea that commissioned the Hawk to join in the retaking of Shiro Kuni, but is also known as a friend to the Crane and Scorpion as a result of her reputation as one of the most vocal and visible opponents to the Five Ring Philosophy.

(Kitsune Sayuri may be taken as an Influence 2, Devotion 1 Ally by Minor Clan, Crane, Scorpion, and Phoenix PCs or characters who are members of the Kolat Conspiracy.)

Author:  Muhaki Berena [ Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: L5R Heresy Universe: Otosan Uchi

Here are a list of Generic NPCs that can be taken at Character Creation or during gameplay:


Kaiu Amanotora (♀) (1) - Architect and denizen of Shiro Kuni.

Hiruma Batako (♀) (4) - Future daimyo of the Hiruma family.

Hida Kii (♀) (1) - Very dedicated and loyal crab warrior, unmarried.

Yasuki Kinpira (♂) (2) - Disreputable man known for his fine collection of rare artifacts.


Doji Shikamaru (♂) (2) - Aspiring Doji Magistrate with good breeding and a liking for tactics.

Daidoji Kaibun (♀) (4) - Sister of the Daidoji Daimyo and commander. Disliked by her numerous children for unknown reasons.

Asahina Gyoku (♀) (1) - Withdrawn shugenja with self-esteem issues.

Kakita Yubei (♂) (1) - Moderately well known duelist. Known for his capabilities with a sword... and for his evening pursuits.


Togashi Jinbo (♀) (2) - Wandering monk of the Dragon occasionally sent out to communicate orders to the more distant followers of the Dragon.

Mirumoto Aiki (♀) (1) - Mirumoto Duelist who traveled to several dojo across the land testing his skill.


Ikoma Shinji (♂) (4) - War hero and cousin to the Ikoma Daimyo who lost his arm during the Bloodspeaker War.

Akodo Kyoko (♀) (1) - Up and coming strategist and aide to Seppun Haruka in the Imperial Legions.

Matsu Kaori (♂) (2) - Lion Gunso and veteran of the capture of Shiro no Meiyo.

Kitsu Kotso (♂) (1) - Officiant over an important but minor ancestral shrine in the capital.


Asako Meiro (♂)(2) - Puzzle master and scholar, rumored to have a drinking problem.

Shiba Erika (♀) (4) - Hatamoto to the Shiba Daimyo. Former Yojimbo to the Master of Void, Isawa Amaku, recently relieved of that duty controversially.

Asako Tenshin (♂) (1) - Yasuki trained courtier and tax collector.

Isawa Hikari (♀) (1) - Unmarried Fire tensai. Younger daughter of the karo of the Master of Fire.

Soshi Unmei (♂) (4) - Mysterious and calm governor of Anei Province in Scorpion lands.

Yogo Hatsuko (♀) (1) - She's a Yogo... yoriki in the capital.

Shosuro Kitahachi (♂) (1) - Political aide to Soshi Unmei. Young and promising poet.

Bayushi Yukisada (♂) (2) - Decorated veteran of the Battle of the Vale. Rumored to be a skilled biwa player.

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