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 Post subject: The Naka [New Ronin Path]
PostPosted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 7:13 pm 
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Requirement: Membership of the Naka Otokodate, Investigation or Spellcraft 3

The Naka are a recently formed but already numerous, loosely organised society of ronin travelling the Empire and beyond looking for traces of the Grand Master of the Elements. Those ronin predominantly hail from the Phoenix Clan and their mission is connected with its current plight. One called Seisuka is one of the most prominent among them, and the development of their method is often attributed to her. Before they set off on their long and often solitary journeys, they are taught how to spot, recognise and understand magical phenomena on their way even if they are not shugenja. They are usually discreet or even secretive so as not to draw attention to their activities, especially in the era when elemental affinities are often taken for signs of backwardness.

The Mean Path. If any Spell was cast in an area within 50' radius of the Naka up to a day before, its properties can be detected and identified by a successful roll of Perception/Investigation (Notice) or Intelligence/Spellcraft (Spell Research) vs. the Spell's original TN. Raises can be called on the roll to extend the radius or the timeframe by one increment per Raise. If so-identified Spell is not one a member of the otokodate can cast, they can either award a FR or increase its TN by 5 to the Spellcasting Roll when it is being cast in their vicinity. In addition, the Naka either acquires the ability to use Sense and Sense Void Spells as if they were shugenja, or receives 2 Free Raises to the Spellcasting Roll to cast any of them if they already have the ability to do it.

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