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 Post subject: Odalik [New Unicorn or Tortoise Path - Courtier]
PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2017 3:29 am 
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Replaces: Any Unicorn or Tortoise Courtier at Rank 1

School Bonus: +1 Awareness
Honour: 1.5+
Status: 0.5
Skills: Courtier, Craft: Poison, Knives, Sincerity (Deceit), Sleight of Hand, Temptation (Seduction), any one High or Low Skill with any one emphasis

Equipment: expensive but revealing clothes, knife, one other Small weapon or 5 doses of GM-approved poison, travelling pack, 5 koku

- Odalik of Insight Rank and Glory Rank 2 or greater are considered manumitted. To reflect their years of life in the harem they should be at least in their twenties and/or married.
- Upon starting the path, the character can pick either Artisan or Ninja as the additional school category. The former choice raises starting Honour by 1.0 but also requires having an Artisan or Perform Skill at Rank 3.
- The selection of a High or Low Skill reflects on Honour. The choice of the former raises starting Honour by 1.0.

Technique: Walking the Fine Line

The Harem, or the Inner Sanctum of the household of those ranking Unicorn who can afford to maintain it, is a very hermetic and dangerous place. Within it, adolescents or young adults of varied ethnic stock are isolated from the outside world and exposed to the unforgiving reality of constant competition for the attention of the master that requires artful excellence, subterfuge, wit or just sexual allure and survival instincts. Neither is a guarantee, and while deaths in the harem are not that frequent, beatings, scarifications, addictions, poisoning as well as mobbing, humiliating and shaming can eventually destroy a person just as well. Those who learn sufficient strategies to secure the goodwill of their master and play the survival game well (or just have been fortunate to end up in a harem where fierce competition is somehow ameliorated) may eventually count on marriage or dismissal to live as free men and women of the Clan. It is common knowledge that the harems of the reborn Unicorn Clan are more consensual and peaceful than the ever-notorious harems of the Tarkhanate. It is important to note that both men and women can be the masters of the harem. Among the steppe Unicorn the Naoko Shiotome are known for maintaining male harems. Recently, there have even been cases of Tortoise merchants and residents in the Tarkhanate being given odalik slave-wives as gifts of goodwill, though there has yet to be a Tortoise who would personally embrace the idea of having their own harem.

The odalik are masters of pretending to be sainter than they really are, and they can often excuse minor transgressions and failures in a convincing way. Their starting Honour Rank is also considered their rank in Perceived Honour and the latter does not drop at regular Honour losses unless the loss results from a heinous crime committed in public. Honour gains apply to both Perceived and regular Honour however. In addition, whenever an Odalik fails a Sleight of Hand Roll or one of their Social or Artisan School Skill Rolls in public by equal or less than their Perceived Honour, they can immediately roll Contested Social Skill Roll of choice against the highest status person present, against the same TN. If successful, the roll is considered to have succeeded, though without any raises even if some were declared on the initially failed roll.

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