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 Post subject: Imperial Explorers [Modified Special Path]
PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 2:32 pm 
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This path (Second City - The People, p. 102) is available to all players, not just bushi, regardless of their schools, as long as they meet story-related setting conditions. The entry condition includes Lore: Geography 3, Craft: Cartography 3, Sailing 3, Battle 3, Firearms 3, Cannon 3, Lore: Gaijin Cultures 3, Lore: Linguistics 3, Lore: Mathematics 3 or Lore: Nature 3. Meeting any one of these Skill criteria is sufficient to join the path. However, on entering path one must choose a single Skill from the above which will determine what Skill will be used with Intelligence to gain Way of the Land and what kind of bonus they will receive in relation to gaijin population, territory, resources or social or environmental phenomena upon acquiring Way of the Land of lands outside Rokugan.

1. Mathematics, Nature, Sailing, Geography, Cartography - Lore and Craft Skills +1k0
- Way of the Land acquired via one of these Skills reflects preparation of maps, charts, measurement tables and techniques, taxonomies, treatises or notes on natural foreign phenomena

2. Linguistics, Gaijin Cultures - Social and Artisan Skills +1k0
- Way of the Land acquired via one of these Skills reflects preparation of dictionaries, journals, collections of folklore and foreign art and customs, notes on cultural foreign phenomena

3. Cannon, Battle or Firearms - Bugei Skills +1k0
- Way of the Land acquired via one of these Skills reflects gaining insight on foreign military theatre, tactics and technology and creating practical notes, maps or charts on how to exploit their weaknesses or use them to your advantage


Special Ruling for this Game: After the initial Way of the Land Advantage is acquired for Kameyama Jima once per session a character possessing the technique can make an Intelligence/Chosen Skill Roll at a TN equal to 20 plus 5 per his Skill Rank in the Chosen Skill. If successful, for that session the character can gain 1 additional xp plus 1 xp for every 3 Raises. This is conditional on substantive amount of role-playing dedicated to exploration and research of relevant aspects of foreignness during that session, GM discretion. This is meant to motivate the Imperial Explorers to actually explore! Their insights are considered work in progress and can evolve into treatises, detailed maps and so on.

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