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Naoko Battle Maiden [Unicorn School Modification]
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Author:  Kannon [ Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Naoko Battle Maiden [Unicorn School Modification]

Because of the fall of the Otaku in the Battle against the Shadow and the partial rebirth of their tradition within the Naoko, currently a vassal family of the Shinjo, who have embraced Ujik-hai traditions and are driven by pursuit of position and prestige rather than honour, the original Utaku Battle Maiden school (L5R Core, p. 132) can be taken with the following conditions and modifications.

- Only the Naoko can be Shiotome. Therefore anyone selecting this school must take Vassal Family: Naoko Disadvantage.
- Starting Honour is considered 4.5.
- Whenever a technique refers to Honour (Rank 1 and Rank 5), it is considered to refer to: Reputation+Status, up to thrice the School Rank.
- Hence, the Vassal Family discount can be used on Social Position or on Fame.

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