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 Post subject: Lore: Nature [Modified Skill]
PostPosted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 6:44 am 
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Emphases: Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Void

In the current era this skill represents the Rokugani knowledge in the realm of natural sciences. However, new discoveries are still embedded in the meta-philosophy of the Five Rings even if their actual origin is often gaijin. While big in disciplinary scope, the skill focuses mostly on abstract knowledge, the practical application is usually covered by other skills. In all cases it is also not a substitute for Investigation which allows for the original discernment of natural phenomena, nor for Lore: Mathematics which allows to keep them measured and described in a unified scientific language. In fact, the Five Rings-approach to Nature Rokugani predominantly espouse is a paradigm at odds with the mathematical approach to science.

While Intelligence is still the governing trait for more general Lore: Nature rolls, any use of emphasis switches it to the Mental Trait associated with it, or Void Ring for Void.

- Earth represents biology in general, botany and zoology and their respective taxonomies in particular, and the science of materials, like mineralogy. It is not a substitution for Lore: Anatomy, which covers the internal makeups of living organisms, or Medicine, which is the practical application of any insight into how living organisms work and can be affected, nor Lore Architecture, nor Engineering or Artisan or Craft Skills utilising organic or inorganic matter to make things. Studying plants, animals and rocks requires patience and meticulousness, hence rolls utilising Earth emphasis are done with Willpower.

- Fire represents physics in general, and mechanics, thermodynamics and the like in particular. It is not a substitution for Lore: Architecture, Engineering or other or Artisan or Craft Skills which cover practical applications of such insights. Nor does it allow to assign measurable intensities to whatever physical laws are discerned, that is the domain of Lore: Mathematics. It primarily requires ingenuity, hence rolls utilising Fire emphasis are done with Intelligence.

- Air represents the science of the atmosphere, weather and climate. It is the knowledge of meteorology, seasonal phenomena, climatic zones and shifts. It is not a substitution for Engineering or Artisan or Craft Skills like Sailing or Farming which utilise that knowledge. Studying world-wide interconnected phenomena and accounting for 'butterfly effects' primarily require much intuition, hence rolls utilising Air emphasis are done with Awareness.

- Water represents chemistry and the science of water environments, primarily oceanography. It is not a substitution for Engineering or Artisan or Craft Skills like Sailing, Fishing or Poison which utilise that knowledge. Studying fluid (pardon the pun) phenomena primarily requires keenness in grasping empirical data that is fleeting or otherwise elusive to human senses, hence rolls utilising Water emphasis are done with Perception.

- Void represents abstracting from other dimensions and operating scientifically on meta-level. It encompasess interdisciplinary theorising of the natural world, building momentum toward a paradigm shift and big discoveries, honing the scientific method, designing experiments, and the science of astronomy. It is not a substitution for Lore: Mathematics though, allowing only for broad, pre-quantified sketches of how the universe works, nor for Divination from the stars. Grasping everything at once requires nigh-on transcendental comprehension, hence rolls utilising Void emphasis are done with the Void Ring.

Mastery Abilities:

Rank 3. Lore: Nature Roll vs. TN25 allows for a mostly accurate estimation of the environmental conditions in the area the character is in for the next GM-mandated period of time (usually a day). Raises can be called to broaden the discerned area or extend the prognostication into following periods of time. The general roll provides only general information, while emphasis rolls allow for far more specific information, e.g. on vegetation (Earth), on seismic conditions (Fire), winds and storms (Air), sea currents (Water), position of stars (Void).

Rank 5. Before a character makes an Artisan or Craft roll, they can make a preceding roll with Lore: Nature vs. the same TN, plus 2 Called Raises. The Emphases and appropriate Traits are determined based on the nature of the planned creation. If the roll succeeds, the creation benefits in a way decided by the GM, a Free Raise to the Artisan or Craft roll it has preceded at a minimum. Other options include improvement of the creation's quality or an unexpected boon.

Rank 7. If a dedicated Lore: Nature roll vs. at least TN30 with at least 3 Called Raises succeeds with at least 3 explosions on a single die, the character accidentally makes a groundbreaking scientific discovery. Its nature is determined by the GM. This can be attempted no more than once a day and cannot happen more often than once per two sessions. The GM may decide that a Lore: Nature roll made for other purposes triggers this effect.

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