Iron Hearts: Kameyama Jima

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Author:  Kannon [ Sun Sep 24, 2017 2:04 pm ]
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This establishment owes its raunchy name to... being a former brothel. Due to mismanagement and some ostracism from pious hypocrites in the neighbourhood it was practically bankrupt and quickly degenerating when Jose Pavo stepped in a year ago to take it over and pay its debts. It was refurbished as a place of more general entertainment even if most of the former staff is still on payroll as barmaids, and the lodgings above the main parlour have retained their unmistakable feel of a boudoire. Those who are needy can still get what they want from the girls but it's more a side-activity the management turns a blind eye on. No topless women are running giggling across the main parlour as they would before.

The rebranding was successful also due to a smart alteration of the associations coming with the venue: right past the entry you see a giant cage hanging on chains from the ceiling, with a tigress in it. The beast looks mostly apathetic until approached via the stairway from which one can see a murderous instinct simmering in her eyes but she does not exercise futility by pawing from beneath the bars, already knowing that people are outside her grasp.

Jose may own it, but it is his wife Rita that manages it. Now that her little boy is already half-year old she has reclaimed her control over the bar and the stage. The evenings when she sings, dances flamenco and plays the guitar are those that draw crowds and make the wine flow out of the cellar in a steady stream, more so if Jose joins her with violin and they play out their musical romance on stage as both a comedy and a love drama. The measure of success of the establishment is how frequently it has to resupply drinks. The cuisine is good but simple, taking full benefit from the easy access to produce from La Finca. Vegetables stuffed with minced beef or pork fried whole are a trademark.

Author:  Kannon [ Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:57 am ]
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Before the end of the month of the Dog the establishment is closed! It is said that the owners have liquidated what they had, took a massive loan in the family bank and sailed away toward Merenae without informing anyone but the closest family i.e. the governor. La Gata has unofficially reverted to its previous role as a local brothel, and former barmaids have reconnected with their clients who now visit the establishment via a side-door. The question who feeds the tiger remains open.

Author:  Kannon [ Sun Dec 03, 2017 7:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Description

Sometime before the dawn of Boar 6th the inn went completely silent, abruptly. There had been some sultry giggles coming from other floor, but all sound got almost momentarily expunged. It happened when the city slept, so nobody probably noticed.

Author:  Kannon [ Fri Dec 08, 2017 12:17 am ]
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In the afternoon of Boar 6th it was discovered that all people staying in the inn that night were dead by strangulation or maiming. The building is taken over by Silva's men, and the governor calls for Mamluk assistance in patrolling the streets. The tiger is gone.

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