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 Post subject: Miya Suihime
PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:15 pm 
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Name: Miya Suihime
Gender: Female
Clan: Imperial
Age: 17
Height 5’6
Weight 120 lbs.
Build: Lithe
Occupation: Herald, Imperial Explorer, Scholar, Cartographer
Marital Status: Single
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Violet

Miya Suihime, daughter of the Imperial Matchmaker and personal retainer to Hantei Jama. Younger sister of Miya Edogawa. It's hard to believe that someone with such a background can change so much within a year, but Suihime is not the same woman she was before she went to Dragon's Guard City. Before then, she was quiet and soft spoken. Still a curious type, but she wouldn't question too heavily. Now, she asks more questions. She is more confident. She still has the teasing side to her around however, around those she is close to, such as her brother and (to her mothers annoyance) one Gusai Susumu.

A number of other things have changed; she has moved from the College of Shining Light to the Imperial Naval College. She spent as much time on a ship as she has on a horse. She even took a leaf out of her mothers book, arranging a marriage between the Miya daimyos son to Moshi Noriko, the headmistress of the Imperial Naval College - Much to her mothers approval (or at least as much approval as she could tell). Even her writing style had been adopted by the Imperial Explorers, much to her delight.

Along with time spent learning to sail from Noriko and from Susumu, it might be considered a successful and productive year. To Suihime however, she cannot help but think on the voyage north. Her training voyage to the Yobanjin trading hub of Fu Gang, where she learnt of the Rokugani already trading there, and found to her annoyance that they were avoiding being helpful. She had spent the remaining voyage back writing everything she learnt, and all that she saw, reporting back the moment she arrived in port. One special extra letter though found its way to Gusai Susumu; the Yobanjin had a trade route that allowed them access to Mekhemic artifacts. This was important in their plan to finally see the Jewel of the Desert.

Suihime is of average height, with warm (and unusual) violet eyes, with long black hair. She has more clothes than she needs, and has read even more books than that. It was her writing skills that originally brought her to the college of Shining Light, and has become very popular among the Imperial Explorers. When not serving as a herald, she likes to read. She has a vested interest in foreign cultures, and is entirely fluent in Mekhem, which allows her to serve as translator for Prince Jama.

  • Miya Suihime has been an Imperial Herald for 2 years now - and has been all over the Empire delivering missives on behalf of both the Heralds and Hantei Jama.
  • Suihime has worked with the Imperial Explorers since the reformation - often referred to (originally mockingly, but she takes it as a compliment) as the princess of the Navy
  • Suihime was originally in the College of Shining Light, meeting with many artists, before moving to the Imperial Navy College
  • Suihime has worked directly with, or at least knows, Asahina Yajinden, Doji Tsugiko, Shiba/Iga/Jama Suru and Hantei Jama - so any that know them would likely have met Suihime at least in passing.

Imperial * Captain of the Ashitae Maru * Courtier *Imperial Explorer * Herald * Jama's Retainer * Bookworm * Jinn-Touched * Prolific Pundit on Gaijin Affairs * Gaijin-curious * Princess of the Imperial Navy * Profile
Status: 4.0 | Glory 7.8 | Honour/Faith Exceptional | Reputation 1.3

Languages: Rokugani, Mekhem, Yobanjin, Merenaese, ???
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