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Agasha Utsusemi, Wife of Agasha Ryuden
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Author:  Agasha Utsusemi [ Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:34 am ]
Post subject:  Agasha Utsusemi, Wife of Agasha Ryuden

Agasha Utsusemi

Clan: Dragon Clan
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Eyes: Hazel with flecks of opal-blue
Hair: White (dyed)
Height: 5'6"
Build: Willowy
Marital Status: Married. Mother of two children.

Tall and elegant, Utsusemi's beauty is quiet and reserved. As a married woman, she has forsaken the bright and colorful furisode of young maidens, her wardrobe now consisting of stylish tomesode of fine make. Her dyed white hair is kept in simple styles, and she is always surrounded by the pleasant scent of fragrant incense or tea.

What is known
Formerly a Doji, Utsusemi still carries herself with the impeccable manners of a Crane lady. She is a skilled artisan of many different forms, said to be both creative and talented with many things, but it is poetry that is her strongest suite. When she was younger, before her marriage, Utsusemi impressed one of the sensei at the Kakita Academy with her potential for composing poetry, and was invited to learn from the masters of the art.
In more recent times, however, she has been a dedicated wife to Agasha Ryuden. While their match was purely political, it seems they have a good working relationship. They are both people who enjoy creating works of art (though in different forms) and she has assisted his rise to fame to become part of Hantei Jama's personal circle.

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Author:  Agasha Utsusemi [ Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:27 pm ]
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Collected poetry


"wata no hara
oki tsu nami ni
tatsu nami no
yoriko ya kakaru
migiwa naritomo"

(Across the broad sea sweep,
The waves from the offing,
The breakers:
So I would have you come to me,
Though I be such a shore…)


"izukata e
aki no yo no
sora ni mo amaru
tsuki no hikari o"

(In which direction
Should head my longing?
On an autumn night
The skies are full of
The moon’s light…)


Day 0

tsuyu to tomo ni wa
kie mo sede
namida ni nomi mo
ukishizumu kana"

(Fast falling
Dewdrops: with them
I cannot vanish, so
Beneath my tears alone,
I am sunk in grief.)

Day 1

mine no momiji ni
kokoro no iro mo

(I cannot regret, that
Scarlet leaves from on the peak
Have laid a stain
Upon the hues within my heart
And scattered them all over!)


"nakanaka ni
tokidoki kumo no
kakaru koso
tsuki o motenasu
kazari narikere"

On occasion the clouds
Do drape
In garlands on the moon
And do decorate it!)


On a keepsake of me
Gaze and think of me;
Fresh-jewelled as
The years’ long thread
Will my thoughts follow you.


Day 2

Is this an everyday
Ordinary love,
I wonder?
My tears extraordinarily
Spring forth.


Day 4

The endless sea:
Beyond its waves
Does my love live;
Had they any pity,
The winds would make my path to him!


Day 5

(in Merenaese)
Time takes all
But memories
And yearning dreams

Echoes of love
Bind the years
And keep you near

Decades apart
Can never fade
The love we made

You have my love
The heart of me
Every breath I breathe

We were fated
Through the stones
Time was torn and resewn

Blood and bone
You're my soul
And you're my home


"O, white feathered dove
who journeyed a thousand leagues
carried on the storm.
Upon the sunset's hillsides
she rests, waiting to take flight"

Author:  Agasha Utsusemi [ Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:46 am ]
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*random sketches-dump*
(aka, me practicing drawing children... and Ryuden)



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