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 Post subject: My Colonial Abode [Day 5, Event]
PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:40 am 
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During the night word was sent to captains in the West Port that after hosting Jama and his entourage for the last evening the Governess has agreed for one ship at a time to leave port and sail where it pleases. Regardless of Zabieru's wishes Amaterasu's Grace was taken on a short voyage to East Port on first light. Before departure a command of the Admiral was spread for the Explorers to find themselves abodes on the island, signalling a longer stay. For the purpose all who were short on personal funds would be awarded 20 pieces of silver. During the interport trip the news and the money are brought to the remaining ships. The assignment is meant to be completed as soon as possible, and their location swiftly reported.



  • The event will involve activities taking several slots in sum, but all of them may be done off-screen, with no conflict to your threads as long as they are in the same macro-location. They can of course be used as role-playing leads for your threads as well. Post your rolls for the event here, leaving the threads for roleplaying.
  • There are no specific time slots in which you have to do the event, but all necessary phases should be completed by nightfall [LE], and some must logicially precede the others.
  • The selection of location for the purpose of this event is up to you, though there's a risk you may ultimately not end up where you like if you select a place where you don't naturally belong. In general, it will be easier to get accommodated in a place that corresponds with your allegiance or profession or some other character specifics. E.g. those without Status and not from Imperial Families might find it hard to be accepted to stay in Floral Estates, while those without Mekhem may find it hard to find a place in Little Aqahba. Select your destination wisely. It is not limited by the current location of your ship - consider the whole island.
  • Accommodation will cost you 1 bu per session if it's in wilderness or in a cheap location (like House of Smiles), 2 bu if it is in a normal location (like La Gata Salvaje) or 3 bu if it's in an expensive location (like Plaza de Contratacion). It represents both rent and resupplying it with things you need to live, like food.
  • In addition to Raise mechanics mentioned below, there may be a one-time FR for you somewhere out there during one selected Phase because of a good match between who you are and where you seek accommodation. Ask in your PF if you think there is such a correspondence.
  • If you have less than 4 koku in cash, you receive a Disadvantage: Debt (1) which you don't have to repay anytime soon, and 20 bu to spend on your accommodation. Whether you spend it this or some other way is up to you. You can deny the money and not seek accommodation.
  • This event is voluntary. If you don't take it, you can continue to sleep on ship without consequences.
  • In this event, you garner Colonial Residence Instant Benefits (CRIB). 2 for every basic success, plus 1 for every Raise. Failure without Raises yields 0. Failure with Raises means negative CRIB: -1 per Called Raise. You can get into negatives thus, both on individual steps and on final score.
  • Magic spooks denizens. All casting of magic will mean 0.1 to Notoriety and +5 to TN on furher rolls involving a particular abode unless preceded by shadow-casting (vs. TN20). Kami scarcity rules apply.
  • For every 0.5 Notoriety gathered in this event in sum by all players Tension! escalates by -0.1
  • Denizens of Kameyama Jima can roll for this event to, and explain it as moving places within a neigbourhood or rearranging something about the places they have lived in. Unicorn players in Little Aqahba, Merenaese-born characters in La Nueva Esperanza and Tortoise in the West Port pay 1 less rent.



    Phase #1. Find your Abode! This can be done in following ways, each tried only once per timeslot. Negative points over multiple failures add up. Way of the Land (Kameyama Jima) and Absolute Direction yield 1 Free Raise each.

      A. When in doubt, follow your nose. You rely on your senses to get you to the location you want. Perception/Investigation (Search), or Perception/Hunting (Any) if you look outside of ports, vs. TN20.
      B. The tip of your tongue is your guide. You talk you way through the city, following what people tell you on the way. Awareness/Courtier (Gossip) or Awareness/Lore: Linguistics or Gaijin Culture (Appropriate Language/Culture) vs. TN20. +10 to TN if you don't know any of the languages/cultures used on the island. Selection of the language/culture may have an impact on where you end up. It's always a Social Roll, but Benten's Blessing and Bayushi Courtier 1 don't apply.
      C. Figure it out yourself. You use your knowledge of urban construction or navigation and making maps to approximate where is the place you seek. Intelligence/Sailing (Navigation), Craft: Cartography, Engineering, Lore: Architecture, Lore: Nature or Lore: Mathematics vs. TN20 are examples of how you can logically deduce your way to the target.
      D. Get a guide, by whatever means. It has tested your patience, but you commandeer some street-smart individual to lead you to the target. It can be done with Willpower/Etiquette (Bureaucracy), Sincerity (Any), Temptation (Any), Weapon Skill, Jiujutsu or Intimidation vs. TN 20. Use of Low or Bugei Skills means gaining 0.1 Notoriety per CRIB unless you pay 1bu for basic roll, +1 bu for each Called Raise.

    Phase #2. Secure Your Abode! This can be attempted only once for a given place. Anything below 2 CRIB from this roll costs you 5 bu per CRIB in deposit as something goes terribly wrong with your price negotiations. E.g. if you end up with 0 CRIB from this step, prepare 10 bu or walk away from the place, or... accept that it's haunted! (You'll be suffering from effects like with the Curse of Yume-do, and I'll have a lot of malicious fun). Possessing an animal or an evident social (like not speaking the local language) or physical flaw that may make you a cumbersome guest necessitates calling 1 Raise for no effect for each such deficiency (ask GM).

      A. This is where you belong. Convince the person responsible for the establishment to allow you to stay. Awareness/Any persuasive Social Skill, vs. TN20. Benten's Blessing applies, and Bayushi Courier yields 1 Raise. Use of low Skills means 0.1 Notoriety per CRIB unless you agree to pay twice the amount per session.
      B. This is mutually beneficial. Offer good terms, or just bargain hard. Intelligence or Willpower/Commerce vs. TN20.
      C. I see what you need and I will contribute! You make your stay desirable by committing to beautifying the place or helping out with its basic function in exactly the way that's needed. Perception/Appropriate Artisan or Craft Skill, vs. TN20. This will require from you to deliver on your promise during the next session, or you'll gain Notoriety and may be evicted.
      D. I am tired of this, you filthy gaijin. Reflexes or Agility with a Weapon Skill or Spellcraft, or Willpower/Intimidation (Any). You physically terrorise the local to give you the abode. You immediately gain 0.2 Notoriety per CRIB. You will pay only 1 bu for this abode regardless of where it is but you earn a Sworn Enemy.

    Phases #3, #4 and #5 are optional. They can be done in any sequence and dropped at any point. Each step can be attempted once per time slot until being successful.

    Phase #3. Supply Your Abode! You can try this once per timeslot. Negative points over multiple failures add up.

      Stocking. Foodstuffs, decorations, whatever you need to live comfortably. Any Mental Trait/Commerce or Any Physical Trait/Hunting vs. TN20. For the first option, you pay 2 bu for normal roll and 1 additional bu for every Raise. If you fail, you lose money, having bought useless things. If you fail second roll,
      jungle gets you and you take Xk1 exploding damage with X being a number of Called Raises +1.

    Phase #4. Remake Your Abode! You can try this once per timeslot. Negative points over multiple failures add up. You get 1 Free Raise if your selected Artisan Skill is Artisan: Feng Shui or if you succeeded in Phase #3.

      Functional Beauty. Relevant Trait/Artisan or Relevant Trait/Craft vs. TN20. This only refers to Artisan and Craft skills that make sense in this context. If it involves building a large piece of furniture, planting trees or constructing a veranda it won't work as a single timeslot activity, but it can be a beginning of a longer project. Creating a calligraphy, a secret dark hour taffy box or a shelf will work. In doubt, ask GM.

    Phase #5. Defend Your Abode! You can try this once per timeslot. Negative points over multiple failures add up. You get 1 Free Raise if you have Crab Hands or if you used Engineering or other defence-relevant Craft in Phase #4.

      Off with the vermin. Critters or naggers, you get rid of them. Perception/Hunting (Traps) or Reflexes or Agility/Weapon Skill, Jiujutsu or Spellcraft or Intelligence/Craft: Explosives, Poison or Weaponsmith vs. TN20. This cannot be done in 3-bu worth locations without incurring penalties like in Phase #2.D.

    Phase #6. Inform of Your Abode! You can try this once per timeslot. Negative points over multiple failures add up.

      A note to Yajinden. You write a short report where you are, adding other relevant information for the Quartermaster. Any Skill involving writing, drawing and dealing with paper with Relevant Trait vs. TN20.



    You can select any of them, in any combination, paying with CRIB. Unused CRIB are lost.
  • Home, sweet home. Select one Mental or Physical Disadvantage and pay its cost in CRIB. It has no effect at your place.
  • No place to rest like home. For 6 CRIB you sleep as if you were Blessed by Yume-do i.e. you need only 1 time slot per day to be fully rested with all consequences.
  • I prefer to work at home. For 6 CRIB you get a Free Raise on every use of a Skill of your choosing you can reasonably use at your place.
  • My home is my temple. For 6 CRIB you get a FR to your Lore: Theology, Meditation, Coffee Ceremony or Tea Ceremony rolls when you spend your time in the abode on those activities.
  • Homespeed. For each CRIB, you can do 1 additional off-screen activity per time slot when at your place, up to your Insight Rank.
  • Wooing is best at home. For 4 CRIB you consider yourself having Dangerous Beauty at your place.
  • I'm a homey. For 4 CRIB you have a 1FR per session to your Tension! rolls.
  • Home Treatment For 8 CRIB you have Quick Healer at your abode.
  • This is my home now. For each CRIB you can get 0.1 Reputation.
  • Lord of this home. For 8 CRIB you get an effect of Darling of the Court in your macro-location.
  • Gaijin in my home. For 10 CRIB you can get a gaijin living with you - a Servant advantage available only for this location with a location-appropriate Skill at 3 (Consult GM).

You need to compile info on how you have defined your abode put it your PF in a separate CRIB thread. In addition to that, it would be good if some fancy description of your room appeared in your public profile. If you end up with negative CRIB, you don't have a place to stay and need to get back to the ship.

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 Post subject: Re: My Colonial Abode [Day 5, Event]
PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:25 am 
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Bellena asked Juanito for a better room in the Hacienda. She'd lived there long enough to know which room was best for observing the volcanic activity and had the best bed. During the day she went out and bought supplies and some images of Kharsis to put in her room, as well as writing up some calligraphy of her favorite passage of scripture. After completing her work she sent a letter to Yajinden notifying him that she had taken up abode in the Hacienda.


Phase #1: 6 CRIB
Phase #2: 2 CRIB
Phase #3: 2 CRIB
Phase #4: 2 CRIB
Phase #6: 2 CRIB

Total: 14 CRIB
Location: La Finca de Jacintos
Spending: 6 CRIB "My home is my temple", 6 CRIB "No place to rest like home", 1 CRIB "This is my home now", and 1 CRIB "Homespeed"

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 Post subject: Re: My Colonial Abode [Day 5, Event]
PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 6:59 am 
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Upon arrival at Kameyama Jima several days ago, she was met by her hosts Ide Mohan and his wife Sara. She smiled at seeing their faces once again - it had been far too long.

She found their apothecary in a place called The Hoof. What a fitting occupation for a retired Ide! He was known to the unicorn as having a way with those sick or injured as his travels granted him unparalleled access to rare substances. One was not a successful Emissary without making such contacts and they were now put to good use.

The room was simple but cozy. A bed, pillows and a small place for valuables. It was perfect for what she needed! Perhaps she might learn a thing or two about caring for people in need.

Her chests and other valuables were unloaded and taken upstairs while she followed their directions on where to stable her horse.

Phase #1 2 CRIB
Phase #2 2 CRIB
Phase #6 2 CRIB

Phase #3 2 CRIB

Total: 8 CRIB

2 Points: This is my home now.
6 Points: My home is my temple.

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 Post subject: Re: My Colonial Abode [Day 5, Event]
PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:19 am 
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Suihime had spent a bit of time in the morning considering where she wanted to go; then it became obvious to her. The colours of Little Aqahba, coupled with the history and all the information she could learn...she fell in love with the place.

Her day (Between meetings) were spent securing a nice location, and kiting it up with local foods and a mix of home and gaijin influences. She sent a beautiful letter to Yajinden at the end of the day to let him know where she was.


(Will take debt(1))
Location: Little Aqahba

D5 event - Phase #1. Find your Abode. Intelligence/Sailing TN20: 8d10o10k4 44 2 CRIB

D5 event - Phase #2. Secure Your Abode! Intelligence/Commerce - VP for skill - TN20: 5d10o10k4 11 (what)....

D5 event - Phase #3. Supply Your Abode! Int/Commerce - vp for skill - TN20. Can't be as bad as the last one, right?: 5d10o10k4 31 2 crib

D5 event - Phase #4. Remake Your Abode! Calligraphy/int. TN20+1 raise (tn25): 8d10o10k4 32 3 crib

D5 event - Phase #6. Inform of Your Abode! Calligraphy/int. TN20+1 raise (tn25): 8d10o10k4 29 3 crib

Total - 10 crib
4 for I'm a Homey
6 for My home is my temple

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 Post subject: Re: My Colonial Abode [Day 5, Event]
PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:42 am 
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Hinami could not stay in some cheap location. Nope, she needed the best of the best, she was an imperial princess afterall but here in this strange land with strange customs and strange cultures it was not a very easy choice. She decided to go to the Tortoise part of the island, at least there were rokugani people there.

She heard a lot of rumour about a place owned by a Muhaki Aiteru, the main broker of the island, a place where tradition and rokugani customs reign supreme. She also heard that this Aiteru knew quite a bit of how the ports are managed and other important pieces of information about the island. More importantly his place was in the 'good' part of the tortoise side, the Hillside.

She went to Jitaku no Kyomei and was recieved by Aiteru. Hinami was the daughter of the Seppun daimyo, surely a person like this tortoise would be honored to host such an important guest and the young Seppun was not mistaken. She convinced Aiteru fairly quickly.

She then proceeded to make that place her own, decorating it as she pleased. Finally she wrote a letter to Yajinden explaining where she will be staying.



Jitaku no Kyomei

1) Phase #1 Awareness/Courtier 8k4; +1k0 Prodigy; +1k1 Void - 51 |Pass [TN32; 2CR; 1VP]
  • +4 CRIB

2) Phase #2 Awareness/Courtier (Manipulation) 8k4; +1k0 Prodigy; +0k1 Benten's - 40 |Pass [TN32; 2CR]
  • +4 CRIB

3) Phase #3 Awareness/Commerce 5k4 - 25 |Pass [TN22]
  • +2 CRIB

4) Phase #6 Calligraphy/Intelligence 4k3; +1K1 Void - 25 |Pass [TN20]
  • +2 CRIB

5) Phase #4 Calligraphy/Intelligence 4k3; Using FR from Phase #3 to reduce TN - 8 |Failed [TN15]
  • +0 CRIB

+12 CRIB

  • I prefer to work at home: 6 CRIB (Free Raise on every use of Courtier at place)
  • Homespeed: 1 CRIB (1 additional off-screen activity per time slot at place)
  • I'm a homey: 4 CRIB (1FR per session to your Tension! rolls)
  • This is my home now: 1 CRIB (+0.1 reputation)

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 Post subject: Re: My Colonial Abode [Day 5, Event]
PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:58 am 
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When staying at the Mill was first suggested, Utsusemi had to put her foot down. It was smelly - both from the paper and the tannery - and it seemed out of the way for the people she might need to meet with over the coming days regarding the temple to Sadahako.

The compromise instead became to look in the more residential areas on the hillside, something that was still close to nature, but also in a more civilized part of the West port. After asking around, Utsusemi came over a small manor house that seemed to have been built in some style similar to Rokugani architecture. It belonged to one of the locals, but it was currently not in use as no one had expressed an interest in buying or leasing.

With a few polite words in Merenaese, the lady Dragon was able to convince the landowner to allow her to settle down there. It was hardly a loss for him, seeing as he would make some silver off of it.

While it wouldn't be the first time she had been adding her touches to a home, it was the first time she was starting from complete scratch like this. There was a limit to how much she could do in a day, but alongside Kenzo, the two of them managed to clean up the place and add some touches that gave the temporary home a feeling of peaceful rest.

Before the day was over, she took the time to compose a note to the quartermaster of the change of residence. Feeling in a lighter mood than she had lately, she fell back into more Crane form of accompanying the note of relevant details with a poem.

"O, white feathered dove
who journeyed a thousand leagues
carried on the storm.
Upon the sunset's hillsides
she rests, waiting to take flight"


Obligation: Debt (1) taken. 3 Bu for lease, 3 bu for stocking = 6 bu spent out of 20.
Location: Hillsides - Yomogiu (蓬生)

Early Afternoon
D5 EVENT Phase 1: The tip of your tongue is your guide. Courtier/Awa. FR from Doji Courtier (effect). 1 raise. TN 25: 7d10o10k4 51 +3 CRIB
D5 EVENT Phase 2: This is where I belong. Courtier/Awa. FR from Doji Courtier (effect). 2 raises. TN 30: 7d10o10k4 31 +4 CRIB

Late Afternoon, Early Evening, and Late Evening
D5 EVENT Phase 3: Stocking. Commerce/Awareness. Void for skill. 1 raise. TN 25: 5d10o10k4 37 +2 CRIB
D5 EVENT Phase 4: Functional Beauty. Artisan: Painting/Awa. FR from Stocking. +1k1 Void. 3 raises. TN 35: 8d10o10k5 35 (Free Raise was for effect like everything else). +6 CRIB
D5 EVENT Phase 6: A note to Yajinden. Artisan: Poetry/Awa. +1k1 Void. +2k0 KA. 5 raises. TN 45: 10d10o10k6 47 +7 CRIB

Total: 22 CRIB

No place to rest like home. For 6 CRIB you sleep as if you were Blessed by Yume-do i.e. you need only 1 time slot per day to be fully rested with all consequences.
My home is my temple. For 6 CRIB you get a FR to your Lore: Theology, Meditation, Coffee Ceremony or Tea Ceremony rolls when you spend your time in the abode on those activities.
I prefer to work at home. For 6 CRIB you get a Free Raise on every use of a Skill of your choosing you can reasonably use at your place. (Medicine)
I'm a homey. For 4 CRIB you have a 1FR per session to your Tension! rolls.

Also a Tea Ceremony while working: D5 Tea Ceremony with Kenzo before home makeover. TN 15: 7d10o10k3 22

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 Post subject: Re: My Colonial Abode [Day 5, Event]
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Honestly, when it was announced that Hantei-no-Kimi, wanted them to seek homes out in the city, Yasuhiro's first instinct was to find the most Rokugani establishment he could find. He quickly dismissed the notion though, even if he wasn't a member of the Explorer's he was a Lion, and Akodo Meikuko had sent him on a mission. To learn to fight these gaijin, and if needs be learn how to befriend them. He couldn't do that when spending all his time away from them.

After careful consideration he decided to find a place in The Plaza de Diversidad, it was a short walk from where their ship was docked, which allowed him easy access to it and the various gaijin locales. Not a bad area all things considered, though the noise of the district might be a bit off putting at times. After a modest amount of time searching he found a apartment for rent over the workshop of a harpoonit. He was a older man who while wary of the foreigner, decided to let him stay if he occasionally helped in the work around the shop.

It was a fine find, but the place still needed to be furnished, and Yasuhiro spent most of the rest of the day Hunting along the beaches, for things he could use to add beauty to his home as well as fill the places of some of the supplies he had lost. Time was also set aside to clear away the pests that had settled into the room in it's time spent empty as well as any rough sorts that stayed around the area. His skill with the bow soon proved that he would live in peace. The end of the day was spent composing not one but two pieces of Calligraphy, one a hanging scroll that listed the tenet's of bushido. It was done in a skilled hand, and would serve as a fine center piece to the otherwise frugally decorated room. The other was a Letter to Yajinden, describing where he was staying as well as any other pertinent information.


Looking for a 2 bu per session location in The Plaza de Diversidad.

Phase 1: Find your Adobe: MCA: Phase 1 Option C: Sailing/Intelligence 1 Fr raise from AD tn 20: 7d10o10k3 37 = 3 CRIB

Phase 2: Secure your Adobe: MCA: Phase 2 Option C: Craft Bowyer/Perception void for 1k1 !called raise from DC tn 25: 5d10o10k4 35 = 2 CRIB

Phase 3: Supply your Adobe: MCA: Phase 3 Hunting/Reflexes tn 20: 6d10o10k4 36 = 2 CRIB

Phase 5: Defend your Adobe: MCA: Phase 5 Reflexes/Kyujutsu 2 raises 1 fr from crab hands tn 30: 9d10o10k4 31 = 5 CRIB

Phase 4: Remake you Abode: MCA: Phase 4 Calligraphy/Intelligence Fr from passing phase 3 to lower tn to 15: 4d10o10k3 45 = 2 crib

Phase 6: Inform of your Adobe: MCA: Phase 6 Letter to jama calligraphy/int void for 1k1 tn 20: 5d10o10k4 27 = 2 crib

16 Crib Total

Home Sweet Home: 3 Crib (Does not Suffer from Disturbing countenance at home)
No Place to rest like home: 6 CRIB Blessed by Yume-do at Home
I prefer to work at Home: 6 CRIB Free Raise to Craft/Bowyer at Home.
Home Speed: 1 Extra Off Screen activity at home per time slot

1 point debt acquired, as I possess less then 4 Koku

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 Post subject: Re: My Colonial Abode [Day 5, Event]
PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:51 am 
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As Wataru returned from the Kunshu maru, he observed the Kasuga Bay. It was far away from his boat, but it seemed like a proper place to settle down in, it was comfortable, and with many interesting things to have at hand. He stumbled upon a nice, clean-ish, looking place near the Kasuga Shrine, despite the Shrine area being dirty by the sailors. It was a modest place, maybe a place to redeem himself.

Though he struggled with the language, Wataru was able to get to an understanding with the owner of the place and all that was left now was to put it to his place, like he had done in Dragon Guard City one year ago. Good memories came to his mind.

Later on the samurai decided to make something simple that could be of use in his own home, a panel that could divide the sections of the house according to use. He struggled following some strange shadows that seemed to creep around the house, and was unable to catch them as they scurried away.

PHASE 1. D5-EM, Kasuga Bay. Figure it out yourself, FR from Absolute Direction. 1 Raise called, TN 25: 32 - 4 CRIB
PHASE 2. D5-LM, This is where I belong. Raise because no Language, 1 Raise extra, TN 30: 44 - 3 CRIB
PHASE 4. D5-EA. Remake your Abode. Craft: Carpenter. TN 20:22 - 2 CRIB
PHASE 5. D5-LA. Defend your Abode. TN 20: 11 - None
PHASE 6. D5-EE. Inform of your Abode. TN 20: 22 - 2 CRIB


I prefer to work at home. For 6 CRIB you get a Free Raise on every use of Carpentry.
I'm a homey. For 4 CRIB you have a 1FR per session to your Tension! rolls.
Homespeed. 1 Free slot when home

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He had rather enjoyed the Floral Estates. The smell of it. The neighbors were lovely, as well. It suited him and his purposes. The Scorpion, though not feeling as well as he would like, began to make his way through the part of town. Seeing if he could find himself a home.

Find Your Abode! #1.B (Awareness 4, Courtier 7, Gossip Emphasis, 1 VP, Speaks Merenaese, +10 TN for Hurt condition, 3 Raises, TN45): 10d10ro1o10k6 45 (+5 CRIB) (Late Morning)

Speaking with the estate manager, Anzai found himself eyeing something small. A tasteful little room with a garden. Speaking to the manager, his charms and his wits about him. "You see, this is where I belong..."

Secure Your Abode! #2.A Floral Estates (Awareness 4, Courtier 7, Benten's Blessing, 1 FR Bayushi Courtier, 1 FR from RP per GM, 1VP, +10 TN for Hurt Condition, 3 Raises, TN45): 10d10o10k7 75 (+7 CRIB) (Late Morning)

Of course, the manager believed him! Between his tongue, and his fluency with the local language, it seemed he was fitting in just nicely with the locals, despite his cotton kimono. Now, he had to go out in search of supplies.

Supply Your Abode! #3.A (Awareness 4, Commerce 0, 1VP for rank in skill, +10TN for Hurt, TN30): 5d10o10k4 26 (Failed, -2 Bu.) (Early Afternoon)

A shame he was distracted by shiny things and good salesmen ship. If only he hadn't been injured. Setting about to remaking his house into a home, Anzai began to work. While not a trained artisan, he at least was aware of his surroundings, and began adjusting the furniture and items to his liking.

Remake Your Abode! #4 (Awareness 4, Artisan 0, +10 TN for Hurt, TN30): 4d10k4 11 (Failed)

But he had no real eye for decorating, and opted to just leave things as they were. It was the people he preferred, not the furnishings.

Finally, setting about to informing Asahina-sama about his abode, he began to compose a letter to the Imperial Quartermaster.

Inform Your Abode! #6 (Intelligence 2, Calligraphy 1, +10 TN for Hurt, TN30): 3d10o10k2 15 (Failed)

He needed to work on his penmanship. It wasn't pretty, but it did. He preferred to speak in person, anyway. Sending off the letter with a messenger, he looked about his new home. Yes. This would do nicely.

Results: +12 CRIB
Lord of this Home (West Port, as per GM) - 8 CRIB
I'm a Homey - 4 CRIB

(Basically looking for a home near the Governess' estate, if not on the property itself. Edited in regards to location description)

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Nicked +3TN
Desired Abode: Amigo Winehouse, 3 bu/session

Ran set out early in the morning, looking for a medicine kit for Agasha Utsusemi. She had heard the announcement. Along the way, she asked around, and used her skills in cartography to determine where she would like to call home while the armada were here. She decided on the winehouse, not realizing quite how posh it was until she stepped inside, but she could not back out once negotiations began.

She asked to speak to the owner, and learned he had returned to Rokugan- she met with his daughter, Muhaki Kiara. They spoke on fathers gone, and stepping into their shoes. Kiara let Ran stay.

Back to the markets, Ran was remembered by the merchants- she had overpaid for the medicine kit, she was sure, and the merchants tried to swindle her again. She would not have it this time, and tried to bargain. It was not successful, and the things she acquired were knock-offs and knick knacks. Out of date books and crappy charcoal.

She did however notice the Winehouse was home to greenery- and with Kiara's permission, she set about tending to that greenery. It reminded her of home, of Rokugan, then zen that came with shaping bonsai.

She noticed vermin as she worked on the bonsai- pests, really, that were not difficult to do away with. Ran created a poison she had been shown so long ago she hardly remembered how.

Lastly, she set out to inform Yajinden-sama of where she would be staying. The letter was long winded and went on, talking about everything she had done during the day. In great detail. But at least the penmanship was nice.

D5 Find Your Abode! Intell/Lore:Nature 1 CR TN 28: 7d10o10k3 39 = 3 CRIB
D5 Secure Your Abode! Awa/Etiquette Void 3k1 (Asako) 1 CR TN 28: 9d10o10k4 36 = 3 CRIB
D5 Supply Your Abode! Intell/Commerce TN 23: 4d10o10k3 21 = Lost 2 bu
D5 Remake Your Abode! Awa/Artisan:Bonsai 1 CR Void 1k1 TN 28: 7d10o9k4 28 = 3 CRIB
D5 Defend Your Abode! Intell/Craft:Poison (Soul) TN 23: 4d10o10k3 23 = 2 CRIB
D5 Inform of Your Abode! Intell/Calligraphy TN 23: 4d10o10k3 23 = 2 CRIB
= 13 CRIB points
= My home is my temple (6)
= I'm a homey (4)
= Homespeed (1)
= This is my home now (2)

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Hantei-no-Kimi's announcement was not only unsurprising but also expected. The expedition had to have its base somewhere and Kameyama Jima was the obvious location. A natural harbor, a privileged position in the middle of several sea lanes between Rokugan and the rest of the world plus a mostly tolerant populace made the place perfect for the novice Rokugani to get prepared for what they would face far beyond the sea. He hoped this would open the minds of the more conservative members as one grew tired of chastising them for their stupidity; even enjoyable things get boring after awhile.

Upon returning to town it wasn't long until he discovered his families former estate, which had been sold by his brother in order to finance whatever endeavor he was undertaking now, was in the market. The location was slightly off the road from the East Port and it most likely its splendor had faded since his mother died; it didn't matter though as Xabier was intent on having his family's estate one way or another.

The current proprietor, a Tartessian spice merchant, was delighted to see the interest from the youngest of the Arrigorriagakoa and whilst he tried to have the upper hand on Xabier, the experience and sheer tenacity of the Abertzale proved too much, the latter managing to obtain a proper contract, not only of rent but of future purchase.

During the rest of the day, the Tortoise acquired the necessary supplies to return the place to its rightful glory as well as arranging the furniture, both old and new, in a way befitting such an illustrious location. He finished the beautification of the place by returning an old banner, depicting the coat of arms of the Arrigorriagakoa, to the main hearth of the baserri. Urrutitatsoa Baserri had been returned to its rightful owners.

Yet when he walked into his new home he felt something strange; the air was polluted and dirty and the spark of divinity was not to be found in this place. Having decided to correct this mistake, he headed towards the beach entering the sea until the water reached his waist. There he reached for a bowl made of greyish seastone and filled it with the foamy water that bathed the island, returning it to his house carefully. Once inside, he laid the bowl carefully on the floor extending his arm until his left hand was directly over the bowl. He retrieved a small knife and cut his palm, crimson liquid falling into the bowl and mixing with the sea water.

"That which is dead may not die but rather rises again, stronger." he chanted as he kneeled to retrieve the bowl and poured its contents on the floor.

Divinity had returned to his home.

Once his home had been properly honored he decided to write a poem to commemorate and to inform Yajinden. A simple note would have been too plebeian.
Phase #1 41 (2CR, 1FR from Absolute Direction) - 5 CRIB [Late Morning]
Phase #2 55 (2CR) - 4 CRIB [Early Afternoon]
Phase #3 30 - 2 CRIB [Late Afternoon]
Phase #3 33 - 2 CRIB [Early Evening]
Phase #6 21 (Despite putting FR for +5, I didn't add any FR) - 2 CRIB [Late Evening]

15 CRIB Total

ONE ROLL PER SLOT; CUT EXCESSIVE ROLLS, RECOUNTED CRIB - Redo the spending, adjust the narrative. - Kannon

Darling of the Court
Poison FR

Renting Urrutitasua Baserri.
Suffer 3 wounds from cutting my palm.

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The Rokugani sailor approached the Militia Headquarters, a traveling pack slung over one shoulder. A pair of scruffy, half-uniformed militiamen eyed his approach warily.

"Excuse," Keiji said in broken Merenaese. "Need room. I stay here?"

"Shove off!" growled the taller militiaman. "This ain't a hotel!"

"Wait!" exclaimed the shorter militiaman, interrupting his fellow. "Do you have money? You know, gold, silver, coin?" He rubbed his fingers together greedily.

"Have money," Keiji agreed, flashing a couple coins.

"In that case, we are a hotel!" the shorter militiaman said, gesturing expansively at the Militia Headquarters building. "Step right in! We'll find you a room."

And with that, they broke into song....

Oh, there's no fire in the fireplace
There's no carpet on the floor
Don't try to order dinner
There's no kitchen anymore
But if the road's been kinda bumpy
And you need to rest a spell

Well, welcome home
To Militia Hotel!

As the musical number ended, Keiji found himself in one of the empty rooms, formerly belonging to a junior officer who had been knifed in a bar brawl last month... but otherwise good as new!

EM Find your Abode with 1 called raise and 1 FR (Absolute Direction), Sailing 32 hits TN25, 4 CRIB
EM Secure your Abode with no raises, Commerce 40 hits TN20, 2 CRIB
LM Supply your Abode with 1 called raise, Commerce 36 hits TN25, 3 CRIB
EA Remake your Abode with 2 called raises, 1 FR (passed phase 3), Craft: Cartography 38 hits TN30, 5 CRIB
LA Defend your Abode with no raises, Kenjutsu 24 hits TN20, 2 CRIB
EE Inform of your Abode with 1 called raise, Calligraphy 21 missed TN25, -1 CRIB
LE Inform of your Abode with 1 called raise (2nd attempt), Calligraphy 15 missed TN25, -1 CRIB

Total: 14 CRIB

"Work at home" (6 CRIB) FR on Calligraphy (I clearly need it)
"My home now" (8 CRIB) +0.8 Reputation

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While somewhere like the Floral Estates was comfy, and properly Imperial. The truth of the matter was that they were here to learn and it was readily apparent that Rokugan had a lot of work to do. Something Jama no doubt thought of himself when he instructed the Imperial Explorers to spread out among the many city streets. To find a place where one might immerse themselves in the new world around them and return with all of the knowledge they have gained.

That was something Kaiya had some inkling of how to do.

Instead of her original intention Kaiya managed to have some sort of working relationship with a young musician and his master. Initially meeting the younger, Sakia tried unsuccessfully to speak with the man but only when the actual head of the house appeared did they make any progress. Him using his many years to promptly shoo the girls away before slamming the door shut. It was only after a small performance outside, the purity of the music, that the man reluctantly decided to open the door once again. Taking the lead they managed to communicate, him in Mekhem and Kaiya with simple nods or gestures and they managed to come to some basic arrangements.

It was the start of a proper partnership.

Early Morning
Find your Abode!:23 vs 30, Failed.
Luck Re-roll: 27 vs 30, Failed.

Late Morning
Find your Abode!: 69 vs 30, Passed.

Early Afternoon
Secure your Abode!: 30 vs 35, Failed.
Luck Re-roll: 35 vs 35, Passed.

Late Afternoon
Supply Your Abode: 14 vs 20, Failed.
-2 Bu.

Early Evening
Remake Your Abode: 20 vs 20, Passed.

Inform of Your Abode: 16 vs 20, Failed.

Total: -2 Bu, 10 CRIB
2X This is my Home Now, Lord of this Home.

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Hikari spent her morning and early afternoon on the wrong side of the damn island. It had looked promising enough sure, but wherever she turned she was met only with disappointment. It simply wouldn't do; and eventually she shifted her attention to the West Port instead, finding herself a local guide to assist her. At least some people could be convinced with the right words around here; and before long she found herself in the expensive side of town, on the hillside.

Then came the hard part, convincing those responsible for the place she'd had her eye on that she should be allowed to stay there. A fact made considerably more difficult by the fact she spoke only Rokugani, and was in the company of Azuki. Yet she still managed to convince them that she was a person of importance, difficult as the language barrier might have been; and that such a fact should induce them to acquiesce to her request. With that done, Hikari decided she should make the place her own, and found herself shopping.

She loved to shop.

She even loved to shop when nobody understood her.

Unfortunately, she somehow ended up with useless junk.

This little statue was supposed to bring good luck. And this thing you hang on the wall is supposed to keep away bad dreams. And this rug should be placed in the exact center of the room so that it can influence the flow of positive emotions throughout the abode.

She looked at her useless junk with great affection, before sitting down to write a report for Yajinden.

Phase #1: Intelligence/Sailing, 2 raises, VOID, Wound Penalties, TN33: 6d10o10k5 25
Phase #1: Intelligence/Sailing, 2 raises, VOID, Wound Penalties, TN33 (LUCKY Re-roll): 6d10o10k5 32
Phase #1: investigation/Perception, TN23: 4d10o10k2 37 (back up to 0)
Phase #1: Willpower/Etiquette, TN23: 6d10o10k3 33
+2 points (LM through to LA)

Intelligence/Commerce, 2 raises for no effect, VOID, TN33: 6d10o10k5 41
+2 points (LA)

Intelligence/Commerce, TN23: 5d10o10k4 17
+0 points -2 bu (EE)

Calligraphy/Intelligence, TN23: 5d10o10k4 24
+2 points (LE)

6 CRIB: No place to rest like home

-2 BU

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Not too far from the docks and very close to the Little Aquahba, Susumu had found an interesting location with a nice view.

Negociations had been hard, especially since they had to be made in secondary languages but terms had been agreed upon and hands shaken.

Between his commings and goings he managed to arrange the place in a mix of mekhem, Invidi and Rokugani fashion (rent...2 bu I suppose?)

Find your Abode! C. intel/sailing 2 CRIB
This is mutually beneficial. Offer good terms, or just bargain hard. Intelligence or Willpower/Commerce vs. TN20 2 CRIB
Supply Your Abode! Perception/Commerce LM 2 CRIB -2 bu
Supply Your Abode! Perception/Commerce EA 2 CRIB -2 bu
Supply Your Abode! Perception/Commerce EM 2 CRIB -2bu
Phase #6. Inform of Your Abode! calligraphy/intl Lost in the mail!

Total: 10 CRIB, -6 bu

I'm a homey. For 4 CRIB you have a 1FR per session to your Tension! rolls.
Homespeed. For each CRIB, you can do 1 additional off-screen activity per time slot when at your place, up to your Insight Rank. x2
This is my home now. For each CRIB you can get 0.1 Reputation. x4

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For his part, Kenzo was all to happy to agree that nearby a mill and a tannery was not an ideal fit. He enjoyed nature, less so the products that came from it. And so, he was more than willing to do some scouting, and to find a more suitable area. The Hillside district seemed like a good spot, and it didn't take long to narrow down the search further.

The building was rather expansive, but that actually made the sell easier. Kenzo had no difficulty encouraging the owner to allow him the use of what seemed to be a guest room.

While Utsu was off procuring supplies, Kenzo spent his time in the nearby wilderness. It was easy to find some pleasant plants and wildflowers to add to the decorations, as well as enough wood to provide for heating. A few trips, and he considered that done.

The sun fell, and the full moon rose. Kenzo, putting the last touches on some simple decorative painting, wiped his brow. There was no time left to write his own note to the fleet. Frowning thoughtfully, he walked over, glancing at Utsu's work. "I don't suppose you can add another line? 'Also, Mirumoto Kenzo is here'?" He chuckled. No, he rather thought not. And so, he scrawled his own quick note, without flourish or embellishment. That would be enough.


Debt 1 acquired: +20 bu
Find Abode! Figure it out, Lore:Nature, 1FR Absolute Direction, TN20: 8d10o10k3 32
Secure Abode! I belong here (REROLL), sincerity, VP spent: 5d10o10k4 24
Supply Abode! Hunting, vp spent: 5d10o10k4 24
Remake Abode! Artisan:painting, VP spent: 5d10o10k4 23
9 CRIB points
I prefer to work at home. -6 CRIB
This is my home now. +0.3 rep, -3 CRIB

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A simple matter. Though a time-consuming one.

A few questions of the locals, and Tori has the lay of the land well enough; the hillside looks an adequate place, and she finds a vacant little house on a nice plot of land that should suit her purposes nicely.

Business, conveniently, is a universal language, and she finds the landowner and gets some support for her development plans to add value to the property.

There's space enough for a private garden, and this might be a good place to set up the library, too.

A little shopping, make some shelving for research notes, and it's a start.

She promptly notifies Jama, as well as her intentions of constructing a small library on-site, which when complete will be open to the needs of the Explorers.

((1C: Lore: Nature, VP, 4R: 10d10o10k7 49, pass. +6 CRIB
2B: Commerce, 1R, TN25: 7d10o10k4 38, pass. +3 CRIB
3: Commerce, 1R, TN25: 7d10o10k4 20, fail. -1 CRIB, -3 bu
And again: Commerce, 1R, TN25: 7d10o10k4 27, pass. +3 CRIB, -3 bu
4: Engineering, 1R, TN25: 7d10o10k4 34, pass. +3 CRIB
Calligraphy, VP, 1R: 6d10o10k5 28, pass. +3 CRIB.
17 CRIB.
Homespeed (1 CRIB)
I Prefer To Work At Home: Lore: Nature (6 CRIB)
My Home Is My Temple (6 CRIB)
I'm A Homey (4 CRIB) ))

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After crossing the island with Agatha, Edogawa had found the apple vinegar Agatha Sanjuro needed in a small market in La Nueva Esperanza. Speaking with the locals gave him a sense of the community, combining with his training as a Miya to give him an instinctive sense of life on La Isla de la Tortuga. Nueva Esperanza felt like an ideal place to settle on the island and he soon found a small home near La Plaza de Diversidad, where he might put his crafting knowledge to use. The owner was not pleased by the idea of what a dog might do to their property, but Edogawa was willing to offer a little extra coin.

Later in the day, the Miya moved in. He didn't worry about refurnishing, focusing instead on some minor repairs. There were signs of rodents nesting and sealed the holes they had made to enter. The vermin themselves were soon eliminated. Once he was settled in, Edogawa wrote a quick note to Yajinden and sent it off.

- - -
Settling in La Nueva Esperanza
Phase 1: +4 CRIB
Phase 2: -1 CRIB, -10 bu
Phase 4: 2 CRIB
Phase 5: 3 CRIB (Forgot FR from Phase 4)
Phase 6: 2 CRIB

Lord of this home.
This is my home now. x2

10 bu Deposit, 2 bu Rent

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While the place is utterly shabby and derelict looking, Crab pragmatism wins out over his initial revulsion. His projects are likely to be expensive so it is best that he get some place cheap and with relative easy access to the port.

He enters the establishment and speaks with the owner whom he is already somewhat acquainted with. He manages to work out an arrangement and then sends a letter to Yajinden, informing the quartermaster on where he will be staying. After that he heads to the market to stock up on some supplies. Then he sets up some traps and locking mechanisms to keep the undesirables out. He later has to clear out the remains of aforementioned critters.

It is not much but for now it is home.

/ Home Sweet Home

Phase #1. Find your Abode!
D. Get a guide, by whatever means.
Willpower/Etiquette (Bureaucracy) vs tn 20. 2 CR vs tn 30 = 33. Pass. +4 CRIB

Phase #2. Secure Your Abode!
B. This is mutually beneficial.
Willpower/Commerce vs TN20. One time +FR. 1 CR vs tn 25= 35. Pass. +4 CRIB

Phase #6. Inform of Your Abode!
Awareness/Etiquette vs tn 20 = 39. Pass. +2 CRIB

Phase #3. Supply Your Abode!
Willpower/Commerce vs TN20. 1 CR vs tn 25 = 30. Pass. +3 CRIB. -3 bu

Phase #4. Remake Your Abode!
Intelligence/Engineering vs tn 20. 1 CR vs tn 25 = 25. Pass. +3 CRIB.

Phase #5. Defend Your Abode!
Agility/Heavy Weapons vs tn 20 = 47. Pass. +2 CRIB

Total: 18 CRIB

Wooing is best at home.
I'm a homey.
Gaijin in my home.

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Resolutions (so far):

    Muhaki Berena (E) - A room in La Finca de Jacintos (3-1=2 bu)
    Ide Akaichou (E) - A room in Dar al-Shifa (2-1=1 bu) - post lacks fluff
    Miya Suihime (E) - Somewhere in Little Aqahba (contact GM to determine precise location and price tag) - Debt taken - Failure of second roll necessitates paying 10 bu in deposit or accepting the abode is haunted
    Seppun Hinami (W) - Rooms in Jitaku no Kyomei (3 bu)
    Agasha Utsusemi (W) - Rooms in Yomogiu (3 bu) - Debt taken
    Matsu Yasuhiro (E) - A room above the Harpoonist at the Plaza de Diversidad (2 bu) - Debt taken
    Gusai Wataru (W) - A shack on the shores of Kasuga's Bay (1 bu)
    Shosuro Anzai (W) - A room in the Floral Estates (3 bu)
    Muhaki Ran (W) - A room at Amigo Winehouse (3-1=2 bu)
    Muhaki Zabieru (E) - His family's estates in La Nueva Esperanza (3-1=2 bu)
    Kitsu Keiji (W) - A room at the Militia Headquarters (1 bu)
    Seppun Kaiya (E) - A room at a musician's house near Sahat Rasamat (2 bu)
    Seppun Hikari (W) - A room in the Floral Estates (3 bu)
    Gusai Susumu (E) - Somewhere in Little Aqahba (contact GM to determine precise location and price tag)
    Mirumoto Kenzo (W) - A lesser room in Yomogiu (2 bu) - Debt taken
    Asahina Tori (W) - A vacant house on the Hillside (3 bu) -
    Miya Edogawa (E) - A room over a workshop at the Plaza de Diversidad (2 bu) - The deposit should be 15 bu
    Hida Ringo (W) - A room in the House of Smiles (1 bu)


    All rental fees (not deposits) are per session. First rent is paid for the session starting with D6.
    All who chose Gaijin in My Home should define the Servant in communication with the GM.
    All who chose I Prefer To Work At Home should declare the one Skill that benefits.
    All who took the Debt should introduce the Disadvantage onto their sheets, along with 1 Rank of Wealth Advantage as per the description of the Disadvantage, and the corresponding amount of koku-worth, just in silver, lessened by whatever they've spent on.
    If you have a standalone building as your abode it is possible to add a sub-forum with its own description, subject to GM approval.
    If you have a room in an estate, it is possible to add the description of that room to the description of the location, subject to GM approval.
    All should have a dedicated thread in their PF where features of their abode are listed. Something in their public profile would be nice too.


The event remains open for late-rollers during D6. All Explorers who don't roll for it during D6 are assumed to be staying on ships. In case of Denizens it would mean staying at their nondescript locations.

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