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 Post subject: Craft: Shipwright [Modified Skill]
PostPosted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:34 pm 
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Emphases: Hull, Rigging, Siege

This is a specification of an existing Skill.

Hull Emphasis relates to the issues of general ship design, it's durability, capacity of holds and displacement.

Rigging Emphasis relates to the system of sails, ropes and chains that influences the speed and maneuverability of the vessel, and ease and efficiency of the crew handling it.

Siege Emphasis relates to the design and maintanance of permanent or semi-permanent ship features that enhance its naval combat performance, like broadsides, gunports or boarding planks.

Mastery Abilities

Rank 3: The vessel the shipwright is present on receives 0.5 Capacity. This bonus is doubled if the shipwright has worked on the ship for at least a month (even if they are not present).

Rank 5: If during Mass Battle the shipwright receives a Heroic Opportunity while on a ship, he can take either of the following special Heroic Opportunities:

  • Emergency Repairs! (available only on a ship that has lost capacity) It is a single roll of Intelligence/Craft: Shipwright (Hull or Rigging) vs. TN40. If successful, the shipwright restores 1 point of Capacity to the vessel.
  • Soften'em Up! (available only on a ship with Weapon features). It is a single roll of Agility/Craft: Shipwright (Siege) vs. TN40. If successful, the shipwright adds +5 to the Resolution Roll of Mass Combat.

Rank 7: After the shipwright spends at last a month working on a ship, Commodore Station features for that ship receive 1-point discount in Duty Points expenditures for every 4 Duty Points invested in a feature type (Ship, Crew or Weapons) as long as the shipwright has the applicable emphasis. Hull emphasis discounts Ship features, Rigging emphasis discounts Crew features, Siege emphasis discounts Weapons features.

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