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 Post subject: Mamluks [New Unicorn Path - Bushi or Courtier]
PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 1:56 pm 
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School Bonus: +1 Intelligence
Honour: 3.5
Status: 0.5
Skills: Lore: Foreign Cultures (Culture of Origin), Battle, Defence, Firearms, Horsemanship, Spears, any one Skill
Equipment: slave robes, light armour, musket and ammunition (40 shots), knife or bayonet, spear, riding horse or any one weapon, writing set, travelling pack

- Males only
- Mamluks of Insight Rank and Glory Rank 2 or greater are considered manumitted. To reflect their years of military service they should be at least in their twenties.
- Any Mamluk who progresses to Status 3.0 or greater has to have no direct living descendants and the Infertile Disadvantage. If this condition is not satisfied the character has to choose the Dark Secret disadvantage at character creation, or is given the disadvantage for no additional points if the situation occurs during the game.

Technique: Military Slavery (Devsirme)

The Mamluks have been formed by Moto Hulagu from strong young boys of various gaijin peoples the Tarkhanate has been taking into captivity through wars or slave trade. They are trained to be elite troops, whether in infantry, cavalry, artillery or navy, fiercely loyal to the Tarkhanate. They master gunpowder weapons in addition to general military training. The most brilliant of them who have exhibited merit either on the field of battle or in administering war effort can count on being freed from slavery, take the family name of their masters and assume high military or administrative positions in the Tarkhanate for the rest of their lifetimes. This is possible at the price of forever forsaking having children to inherit whatever they've achieved, by becoming eunuchs. Many Mamluks are castrated early on so as not to forestall their advancement, though some prefer not to be ahead of it so that it would not impede their prowess in battle.

From an early age the Mamluks are educated in abundance of traditions of warfare, learning the weak points of their many enemies both in the field and in garrisons. They are also taught to heavily utilise firepower in war. This involves skills in measurement and logistics, and strict drilling of reloading routine. You can roll Intelligence instead of Perception for all rolls involving Battle Skill. In addition, you add the Skill Rank of Lore: Foreign Cultures to your Battle, Attack and Damage rolls against enemies you have an appropriate emphasis for in the skill. For the Mamluks, reloading any gunpowder weapon takes one less Complex Action.

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