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 Post subject: Miya Eri
PostPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:28 am 
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Name: Miya Eri
Sex: Female
Age: 16
Height: 1.54m
Weight: 45 kg
Body: Slender
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown


While still young, Miya Eri's features are still in line with the stereotypical Miya. She's relatively petite, though only slightly shorter than average given her age, but that was only one feature that made her less than imposing. Her cheeks had a slight rosiness; this, along with more round facial features betray the fact that she was still effectively a child not long prior. Her demeanor, meanwhile, is soft and friendly. There is a certain amount of properness in the way she presents herself, likely a side effect of her upbringing. She has, after all, generally interacted with other clans and families in a more official capacity. In the same way, she presents herself in fashionable kimono and yukata but nothing particularly flashy, often in pleasant but more muted color.

Again, some of her more fashionable attire may simply be due to Eri's attempts to learn how to represent the Empire in a more official capacity. It's not overly extravagant as many Imperials may dress, but seems to instead merely be done to reflect the expected dignity and status of those chosen as the heralds of the Emperor. In a more courtly setting, for example, it would still refrain from outright exorbitant choices but would still be more elevated, with less muted colors and more intricate designs incorporated. Her hair meanwhile is kept short neatly surrounding her face, though asymmetrical with the left side swept back behind her ear and out of her face.

At her side, as one may expect, is a wakizashi. However, a matching Katana is present as well at her hip. Around the tsuka, the ito braiding is stark white and neat, in sharp contrast to the entirely black saya which lacks much in the way of ornate styling besides a shiny gold tip. The tsuba for both are equally uncomplicated, black, practically circular with slight curvature to cut the outer edge into what look like four lobes in a mokko gata style. The tsuka itself beneath the weaving is also off-white, making it more eye-catching than the saya itself which is fairly plain. Even the sageo is simple, black and brown cord neatly tied around to keep the weapons in place.


Of course, there hasn't been too much opportunity to make a name for herself given how short of a time that it's been since her gempukku. However, as a Miya, herald and ambassador of the empire she has been attempting to make connections. It's not uncommon for the Miya to show their progeny the Empire and give them the opportunity to meet others, including the common folk of Rokugan. The same occured with Miya Eri, at a young age given opportunity at times to travel the Empire to see what it has to offer and see just how the Miya mediate conflict. Her knack for languages seen at a young age opens up opportunities given Rokugan's recent interest in making connection with foreign nations, being groomed as a possible ambassador to those outside of Rokugan. Eri hasn't had much opportunity to see places around the Empire outside of some official capacity as part of her learning process, much of her time as been spent moving around with other family members of getting an education, first at the House of Aurora before eventually transferring to the imperial naval college with a focus on languages in order to be a diplomat and translator.

While she appears to be able to ride well enough, as seen as she travels around the empire, there does however seem to be something odd about her physically. At times she seems well enough if not a little slow moving. However, sometimes she seems to be a bit uncomfortable, even in a fair amount of pain. This is especially the case after staying in one place for a long period of time, though she does her best to hide it. At times it can be even more severe, though these bouts seem to appear infrequently they can be temporarily crippling. This, perhaps, led to her heavy focus on diplomacy, etiquette, courtly skills and language, as physically she likely couldn't handle the rigorous training and movement of a bushi.


Katana Details:


Imperial | Miya | Diplomat | Sickly | Imperial Explorer
Status: 3 | Glory: 2 | Honor: Exceptional
Equipment: Wakizashi, Katana, Calligraphy Kit, Fan

Languages: Merenaese, Mekhem,Yobanjin,
Description | Theme
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