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 Post subject: Time Lapse: Sea Voyage (Month 3)
PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:01 pm 
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For this game it'd be beneficial to adopt a more dynamic time lapse, adaptable to the circumstances. Sandbox experience, module-like explorative escapades and longer sea voyages require different pacings. There are also downtime intermissions of various length planned. This way the game will have a chance to have several focal points rather than just one, and could extend over a longer stretch of in-game time without becoming tedious or glaringly unrealistic in real terms.

And so we have a month to cover at once! For all purposes it will count as 'Day' 3 in bulk, but the rules of roleplaying during it are specific. Read on.

Day Ratio & Sessions

Whole Month 3 will constitute a session. Change to the day-level schedule will occur after 4 RL days.


4 XP will be awarded at the end of Month 3. Those who have the double option from character creation claim 8 XP instead.

Time slots

We will be covering a little less than a month in IC terms, precisely days from Rooster 15h to Dog 12th i.e. 26 days (Rokugani months have 28 days each). Of those, days from Rooster 15th to 18th are not eligible for making threads - this is when downtime begins, everyone is busy refitting ships and preparing for the First Voyage. Starting from Rooster 19th, all ships are at sea, sailing away from Rokugan.

As a rule, make only one thread an IC day of the voyage. It is still a lot and nobody expects you to fill them all. It would be crazy, especially that your interactions will be mostly limited to your crew. The freedom and flexibility is for you to manage the long continuity without causing retcons. Use a vignette mindset, a scene/scenes from a long voyage approach. Quality over quantity.

Please include the time slot in the thread subject to show when the thread takes place. It is one slot per day, so you don't have to use time-of-the-day mark, though you can - one of the four (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night). These can be abbreviated - Morning can be represented as M. However, it is more important to mark an IC day during which it is happening.

E.g. Who of You Idiots Ate Ningyo Meat!? [M3: Rooster 27th]

The exceptions below notwithstanding, all threads you make should be in High Seas forum, in the subforum of your ship.

There will be two Inspection & Inventory days - Rooster 26th and Dog 6th. The ships slow down and boat movement between them can happen as supplies are shared and the Imperial Admiral inspects the condition of ships. At those days, select one other ship: you can have a thread with a person or a group of people on that ship.


Micromanaging sleeping is entirely skipped. Assume to have a complete set of VPs and regenerated Spell Slots for each daily thread you start. No Fatigue either, at least not from lack of Sleeping.


Spellcasting depending on the kami suffers from their relative absence. The rules for casting in kami-sparse environment apply.

Sea Sickness

First three times you make or join a thread, roll Stamina vs. TN15. Their ranks in Sailing can be added to the total. If all three are successful, you're no longer affected by sea sickness. If any fails, you are Fatigued in that slot as you feel intense nausea or some other syndrome that leads to that outcome. You make this roll each time you start the thread until you accomplish 3 successes. Well done, you're finally a sailor.


For the first thread made or joined after Dog 1st, roll Stamina vs. TN10. If it fails, it means that the monotonous sea diet has started to affect your health in a negative way. Until your first normal meal on land (or some creative procurement of a good meal while still at sea) you are Fatigued. If it coincides with Sea Sickness, the effects add. Until boat life ends, it sucks to be you.

Closed threads

By default, all threads on your ship are open for anyone of your crew to join. It is very hard to have privacy on ship, impossible practically for all except the captain and one other person with a separate room, so Closed threads can happen only there. All else is a communal space.

E.g. Let Me Vomit with Dignity [A3: Rooster 21st, Suihime's Cabin, Closed]

On-screen and off-screen

On-screen is an exception, off-screen is a rule. You can do any number of small activities off-screen, including daily micromanagement rolls like Meditation (if you must). However, larger efforts are covered by downtime mechanics.


You can have some goals done during the month of travel! They all take effect at the end of this session.

We will be using the spirit of these rules, particularly in relation to VIP prices of goals. The caveats in their application relate to what is possible while at sea over a relatively short downtime. So, working to strengthen your position of authority (if you're entitled to it) or cultivating an Ally is certainly possible, traveling off somewhere is not. Ask a GM before assuming that your VIP expenditure will be effective.

Still, we entirely expect most of you to grab the option below. ;) It has been slightly modified to exclude additional goals while taking goodies. For this particular downtime, it's either/or.

The player has the option to devote most or all of the downtime to dutiful service rather than to the pursuit of independent goals. If this is chosen, the player gains up to 5 xp to use them on increasing skills used extensively in the course of duty, or to get 25 VIPs for cultivating connections during that time (or in any combination, at the rate 1 xp - 5 VIP). Players who choose this option may not advance any other goal during this downtime.

Squadron Management

For the sake of rules in the Commodore Station, Time Unit is 12 IC days, i.e. the whole voyage occupies two time units during which your vessel can conduct actions. Be aware that Long-distance Travel eats 1 point of Capacity per Time Unit. It means that Capacity 2 ships if they are left unattended won't make it to the end of the journey.


There will be three events, available to all crews, on Rooster 24th, Dog 3rd and Dog 12th. They do not count against your daily limit of threads and will have time-of-day tags.

Be aware that they can affect the conditions for your role-playing for the days after them, so please resolve them in order. The first will be closed after 48hrs since the beginning of this session, the second after 72hrs, and the third after 96hrs.

Since they may demand diverse abilities and dice pools, it is encouraged that crewmembers give each other ghosting rights. If the events are unrolled for close to their closing dates, GMs will be ghosting aggressively.

Be mindful that events may cause Capacity loss, or loss of some Commodore features, or loss of your personal possessions. This will be mentioned in the event itself if it is the case, so plan ahead. It would be a pity if your ship got sunk because of mismanagement of repairs.

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