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 Post subject: Social and Moral Ranks on Kameyama Jima
PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:56 pm 
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The Status of gaijin characters does not represent their position in the Celestial Order. By traditionalist Rokugani they may be seen as heimin or worse, but to try that angle is to invite quick trouble. Their Status reflects the real power they wield on the island and they are treated by the population as people of authority. The Tortoise and the Unicorn occupy the troublesome greyzone of being both like and unlike the Rokugani. Whether the gaijin-born Muhaki or Ki-Rin famiilies, especially the Moto who Rokugan has never really heard of, have a place in the Celestial Order is a subject to debate on. Either way, we shall keep one name of this parameter for both Celestial and Gaijin variation.


This is basically Glory, but to avoid confusion for your gaijin record of having renown we'll be using this name rather than Glory A and Glory B. Your Rokugani Glory and Fame have not reached the gaijin. While you can still use it in relation with your fellow Imperial Explorers, the denizens of Kameyama Jima haven' really heard of you. To become known among them, to make yourself a name among the gaijin, you need a fresh effort. Your starting Reputation among the gaijin equals half your Insight Rank - you are initially recognised by the aura of experience you exude. Those characters who have started the game as denizens of Kameyama Jima have their initial Glory equalling Reputation, but without Glory Points earned during this game so far. We will retroactively assume that in Rokugan their Glory Rank is half of their Reputation Rank. If you Reputation and your Glory ever meet in number, they become one parameter - you have a truly global renown.


See above, just in relation to Infamy.


I think the LBS idea of Integrity doesn't entirely cut it. Honour is a notion that Merenaese and Unicorn have their own definitions of and while it has no direct connection to Bushido, some precepts of decency, selflessness etc. stay the same. In addition, Gaijin Values are still connected to it. However, people who are devout followers of semi-monotheistic religions of Kharsis or of the Lost Daughter have their moral compass associated with Faith. For now, let's assume that for Rokugani characters of gaijin faith their Honour and Faith are the same, though their gains and losses of Honour and Faith may proceed differently. If conversion ever happens, we'll figure out the conversion ratio of one into the other.

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