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 Post subject: Time Lapse: Kameyama Jima
PostPosted: Sat Oct 28, 2017 1:36 am 
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So far we're done with dynamic time lapses and return to a more predictable pace for this session. A perspective of other pacing is not entirely closed, but is dependent on feedback on feasibility of adventure modules/exploration in this timeframe.

Day Ratio & Sessions
Every 2 IC Days constitute a session. Day changes will be occurring every 3.5-4 RL days.

4 XP will be awarded at the end of each session. If you manage to conclude your spendings at the end of the session, they take effect for the next session.

Time slots

Below are the time slots that will be used for the session. Please include the time slot in the thread subject to show when the thread takes place. These can be abbreviated - Early Morning can be represented as EM.

E.g. Leave my silk kimono, you thief! [EM4]

The following are the only time slots that may be used each day. You may only appear in one thread per time slot per day unless this is waived by GM permission due to unusual circumstances. Unless a location allows for a Closed thread which are considered separate or is large enough to accommodate many threads, please follow the role of one thread per location per time slot. In larger areas you are encouraged to denote the specific place occupied in the thread name or description.

    • Early Morning (5 AM - 8 AM) EM
    • Late Morning (8 AM - 11 AM) LM
    • Early Afternoon (11 AM - 2 PM) EA
    • Late Afternoon (2 PM - 5 PM) LA
    • Early Evening (5 PM - 8 PM) EE
    • Late Evening (8 PM - 11 PM) LE
    • Early Night (11 PM - 2 AM) EN
    • Late Night (2 AM - 5 AM) LN

It means that you have up to 8 slots at your per day.


For this session we assume 6 hours is enough to be rested with full benefits of avoiding Fatigue and restoring Void Points and Spell Slots. But it can be partially done summarily i.e. a nap in the afternoon, then crashing for some of the dark hours and then part of the morning gets you rested. Because of sizeable timeslots it can happen as one of the off-screen activities, with threads being just focal moments of lengthier periods of time (see below).

Yes, it means you can almost get rid of micromanaging sleep altogether by limiting it to one dedicated slot per day, with a small cost to it - one Stamina Trait Roll a day vs. TN15. Passed, you're not tired with the amount of sleep you got between activities and can use all your timeslots without penalties. Failed, you feel tired after all by the end of the day and either crash for two time slots or suffer the usual penalties. Touch of Yume-do gives you a FR to that roll. Cursed by Yume-do disables the possibility of that roll, you must crash for two consecutive timeslots no matter what or you're tired.

In the end, it comes down to your playstyle. If you prefer to schedule regular sleeping, you still can. If you're ever short on slots and curse whenever you have to set a sleeping sequence right when stuff happens, this way around may be just for you.

Closed threads

By default, all threads are open for anyone to join. You are welcome to make closed threads in locations, but only where it makes sense to do so. Ask GM in case of doubt. During Pregame, however, too many Closed threads are discouraged.

Would you show me your kitten, Hikari? [LE5, Juanito's Rooms, Closed]

On-screen and off-screen

Each slot is roughly 3 hours by our standards, and it's obvious that not all of this time is eaten up by a single conversation in a thread. Hence there can be off-screen activities conducted legitimately in the same time slot you have an on-screen thread. For this session, all activities in a given time slot have to happen at the same macro-location (West Port, East Port, Interior, Northern Cliffs, Southern Beaches).

For off-screen you can have:

  • One event-related activity (if an event allows doing some rolls/actions off-screen)
  • Up to two non-event related activities that are considered consuming time counted in half an hour or less. In this cateogry you have:
    • Meditation
    • Tea Ceremony
    • Moving to adjacent macro-location by foot
    • Traversing the distance between East and West or between North and South by horse or by sail
    • Personal grooming
    • Taking a nap
    • Going shopping
    • Creating a simple artwork or a useful item
    • Having a meal
    More complicated activities (like erecting a structure) will still require dedicating full slots, and sometimes many of them. If you are ever in doubt whether an action can be taken as one of the off-screen activities, ask a GM.

Those who do a lot of off-screen activities like artisans and craftsmen may want to keep track of them in PF, and Void Recyclers actually should, though the solution is meant to accommodate all the things you want done in the background to give way to less constrained role-playing and cut on micromanagement of slots.


Spellcasting depending on the kami suffers from their relative absence. The rules for casting in kami-sparse environment apply.

Sea Afflictions

Effects of scurvy, malnutrition or sea sickness disappear soon enough. Consider not having them for this session if you've acquired them before.

Squadron Management

For the purpose of rules in the Commodore Station, Time Unit is one session. All actions take a timeslot to initiate, but role-playing may happen during this time slot on board of the vessel. The results of actions can be consummated at the end of the session. Unless you want to leave the island for one full IC day, Long-distance Travel is disabled. Other actions are available, though they do not occur in vacuum and some fluff preconditions have to be met. Piracy conducted by an Imperial vessel will have rather immediate consequences, and trading can occur in the presence of cargo.


Starting with Day 5, sailing immediately north of the island may potentially initiate an adventure module. The departure is possible only LA, when the mists get high enough for a vessel to avoid the razor sharp rocks blocking the passage to the dim shapes of other islands looming in the mists.

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